[Blogger Land Thursday] #1

thursday's blogger land

This is the first time I am trying out this feature so please let me know what you think. Would you like me to keep it up or not?

So basically I will be letting you know what’s going on in the blogger land. Of course I am talking about my blogger land but it’s up to you become a part of it, if you see something that looks interesting.

If you want you can adopt this feature to your own blog as well. I think it’s quite useful.

**All links send you right to the posts**

bl reviews

Claire [The Coffeeholic Bookworm] reviewed ‘First Comes Love’ by Katie Kacvinsky and rated it with five hot coffee cups!

Morgan [Hopeless book addict] got an new adult ARC from netGalley and recommends it to those with a hunger for guilty pleasure reads.

Leigh [Little Book Star] read the ‘Illusions of Fate’ and unfortunately she had some issues. She was confused and that’s why she gave it three and a half colorful stars!

Dee [The Bookish Khaleesi] loved ‘Six of Crows’ and Leigh Bardugo. Her review was awesome.

Sumaya [Sue’s Reading Corner] finished ‘Shadow Falls: After Dark’ series by rating the final book ‘Unspoken’ with 4,25 stars.

And last but not least for today, [A reading Writer] thinks that ‘Everything, Everything’ by Nicola Yoon is a must read book.

bl tags

Aetheristrux [The Amazing Life of a Bookworm] was nominated for ‘The One Lovely Blog’ Award. Congratulations!

Melanie [The Aspiring Novelist] was encouraged by me over at ‘The Encouraging Thunder Award’. Glad she participated.

Ashley [What’s She is Reading] was tagged to do one of my favorite tags. ‘Inside Out Book Tag’.

Olivia Emily [Bibliomad] did the ‘Fireworks Book Tag’.

RJ [Heir of Ravenclaw] might not have been tagged but she loved the ‘Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag’ RJ I am going to tag you on my next tag!

Charley [Books and Bakes] double tagged me and other people for ‘The Autumn Book Tag’ and ‘The Fall Time Cozy Book Tag’. Lucky me!

Jasmine [Jasmine Pearl Reads] is finally catching up with her tags. This time she was nominated for the ‘Beautiful Blogger Award’.

Jessie Nicholas [Books at Dawn] found fun the ‘Gimme All The Pastries’ Tag.

bl features

Wednesday was full of memes and features on my blogger land. Let’s see:

WWW Wednesdays

Dee [The Book Khaleesi]

T.K Lawrence [Read it or Not Reviews]

Raven [Dreamy Addictions]

[Girl in BookLand]

Jacqueline [Falling In Love With The Sound of Words]

Waiting on Wednesdays

Audrey [Forwards and Bookwords]

Jeanette [Myriad Inklings]

Top 5 Wednesday

Catia [The Girl Who Read Too Much]

Maria [Big City Bookworm]

Beatrice [When Curiosity Killed the Cat]

Giovanna [Bookcoma]

bl cover

Regina [The Bibliotheque] talks about the cover of ‘Iniquity’ by Amy Bartol that was revealed. She also has a surprise.

Lana [Bananagram Book Reviews] and Jenaca [JenAcideByBibliophile] reveal to us the cover of ‘Coke’ by Barun Chanda.

Aira [Aira Reads] is excited over the cover of ‘Sweet Soul’. She has all the info you need in her post. Like ALL!

bl uncategorized

Kat [Life and Other Disasters] looks forward to ‘Sherlock Christmas Special’. Check out the trailer!

Callum [Callum McLaughlin] wrote a heartbreaking poem called ‘Never’.

Simon [Sfarnell] said that Technology can’t do it all.

Team [Lectito] presented 20 instagram accounts for booklovers.

Marta [Miti and Marta] is getting organized and she talks about it.

Aria [Aria Stuck in Wonderland] shows us a video about what she is currently reading.

feedback icon

This is pretty much what’s going on in blogger land. I think I am exhausted but it was worth it. Hope you will find at least some of the bloggers interesting and worth following and getting to know them better.

Don’t forget to let me know about the feature!^^

Thank you all.

56 thoughts on “[Blogger Land Thursday] #1

  1. Uuuuuuh, that’s so cool! I even made it onto your list :O!!!
    I think this is a great feature in general but even more so because it involves so many people from the community. Now excuse me, I have to check out some posts 😉

  2. Wow! This looks like it took quite some time, but it was worth it to feature all of those people! ^.^ Very cool! And thank you for putting me on the list. I can’t wait to see who else is on there. I’ve been dying to find more blogs to follow. ^.^

    • It really took me a while but I didn’t mind it! I’ll do it again with the same excitement next week!
      I hope it was helpful and that you now found new people to follow! 🙂 Thank you Melanie!

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