Weekly Plan

weekly posts

I just wanted you to know the reasons behind my posts; why and how I made this plan. I write about what’s inside my head because this is why I created this blog.

monday's top 5 icon

I need to start my week with a list. I love lists and I enjoy making them. I practically have lists about everything. So, since my love for lists is almost equal with my love for books, joining the two things together makes me ecstatic!

[Top 5]

tuesday's rant icon

After the joy that lists with book related stuff give me, I have the need to rant on something and get it out of my system in order to have an awesome week. That’s why Tuesdays in Bookland are for. So if you feel like throwing a tantrum, this is the best place to do so!


wednesday's blog goals icon

Ah, I love Wednesdays because I am an organized freak and I need to have everything in place. The right posts in the right place and time, after planning everything. I even have a plan for the plan and I need to show it to you. So Wednesdays in Bookland are for me, to organize my blog, and for you, to know about my plans and help me out or get ideas. Awesome, right?

[Blog Goals]

thursday's blogger land

*New Feature*

My Thursdays are dedicated to you. My posts will be your blogger land and you guys will be able to get to know each other. I will introduce you to different bloggers every week and I’ll be letting you know my thoughts about them. Then it’s up to you if you’ll follow/get to know them or not.

[Blogger Land]

friday's photobliss

*New Feature*

Pictures from beautiful book related stuff just for you.

[Photo Bliss]

saturday's vs battle icon

The best day to enjoy a battle. We are relaxed enough to think straight and decide what we enjoy the most in a VS battle.


spotlight saturday

*New Feature*

Created by my favorite girl, Josie from [Josie’s Book Corner]. Bloggers, books & other loves. Dedicated to spotlighting and pinpointing some of the things over the week that have caught my attention more than usual, things I’ve particularly loved, etc.


**Dropped Features**

thursday's book recommendation icon

This day of the week is a gift from me to you. My day is dedicated to you and I look everywhere for the best books to suggest. Enjoy it~

I dropped this feature because I realized how bad I was at recommending books. I haven’t read enough books in order to be able to recommend. Maybe when I have read a satisfying amount of books, I’ll bring back this feature.


friday quotes

We all need some inspiration on Fridays. The week is almost gone but we have to make it to the end of the day. Fridays are difficult to handle so a couple of quotes will might give us strength to mentally fight. Let’s do this! Saturday is almost here.


I dropped this feature because it bored me and I was never in the mood to search for quotes.

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