[Bookland Special] Back to base!

bookland special

Hello my sweet bookworms! How have you been? I’m finally back and ready to fill your wordpress lovely posts~

Let’s start with a reminder:

travelling notebook4

Don’t be shy and join Josie [Josie’s Book Corner] and me in our adventure.

[The Traveling Notebook]

So, It’s the end of Monday and I think I will adjust back to my normal routine but I need to organize my posts. First of all I have to participate in a couple of tags and awards. Even though I was away, you guys were so sweet and still thought of tagging me. I am so touched that you didn’t forget about me.

➜ Liebster Award, tagged by Daniela [Books to get lost in]

➜ Real Neat Blog Award, tagged by Raven [Dreamy Addictions]

➜ Blogger Recognition Award, tagged by Erika [in Bookventureland]

➜ Summertime Madness Book Tag, tagged by Analee [Book Snacks]

➜ The Reading Habits Tag, tagged by Josephine [Josie’s Book Corner]

And I left for the end the good part. If you’re one of the awesome bloggers who actually read till the end the posts then you get to see these amazing photos.

The Highlights of my vacation!

View from Chania’s port.

(I was bored to take pictures in the morning. I was usually so tired in the morning to do anything)





View from Chania’s road to the lighthouse.

(Yup that’s me and the guys are my cousins)

11805678_1031676110185565_1562701257_n 11793152_1032165343469975_929381696_n

11721304_1031677650185411_1452770063_n 11125215_1031676823518827_1036219928_n


Falasarna Beach




View from a cafe next to a cape that I can’t remember the name


View from the airplane

(That’s Thessaloniki, my hometown. I was excited to be back because I was exhausted even though I had so much fun!)



The wedding was dreamy and here’s an awesome video with my lovely cousins, dancing to Crete’s traditional songs at the party!

Hopefully they will dance even better at my wedding party!

7 thoughts on “[Bookland Special] Back to base!

  1. Wow, beautiful pictures! Now to do with our little notebook event.. Expect and email from me soon, I have some things we need to catch up on and update before we begin!
    Wonderful post. xoxo

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