[VS Battle Saturday] Original Covers VS Movie Tie-in Covers

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So I was given this idea by a friend of mine and I really thank her for that cause it’s a really amazing idea. She was complaining about my absence but finally here I am, caring her idea out.

Original Covers





Movie Tie-In Covers




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Movie Tie-in covers look more professional but some of the original are just so awesome and I prefer them. What about you? Which do you prefer?

26 thoughts on “[VS Battle Saturday] Original Covers VS Movie Tie-in Covers

  1. I definitely prefer original covers. I just think it’s good to always know with movie adaptations that the book came first and that the two stand on their own and won’t necessarily be exactly the same.

    I also once heard someone in a bookshop say “Oh look, they’ve written a book version of The Hunger Games!’ and that was a real face palm moment 😛

  2. I extremely dislike movie tie in covers. I don’t want to see the actors faces on my books. I don’t even like cover models on regular books either. I’ll stick with the originals.

  3. Absolutely original covers! Although I do want to point out that the movie-tie in for The Hunger Games looks really cool….but still original covers for the win! I received a copy of The Martian from Blogging for Books, and it was the movie-tie in. I was 80% disappointed; I couldn’t be 100% disappointed because I like to look at Matt Damon…but still disappointed…

  4. I feel like movie tied covers lack that original feel of the book. Yeah, yeah, the cover isn’t the only thing about a book, but it is seriously the first thing a person looks at

  5. I always prefer the original covers, it’s always better and looks good! When it’s changed to match the movie, it sort of feels alien to me. The only one I like among these is the Hunger Games movie tie-in cover but still original is the best!

  6. I don’t really like movie tie in covers. I know it’s mostly about marketing and I feel it’s mostly directed to people that don’t usually read so they will have something ‘familiar’ to pick up, if this makes sense. I also do not feel that much compelled to read a book when I’ve watched the movie already. It’s a problem because it happens many times, but I just feel like the movie did all the job I do as a reader: Imagine characters and places and ruin the surprise of the ending. So yes, sorry, no movie tie-in covers for me. I also do not like to see models or faces on the covers. If it’s an illustration of the character, I guess that’s fine because it still gives some room to imagine it on our own way. (I am so picky!)

  7. For the Hobbit, I really really like the movie cover! Honestly for all of the Lord of the Rings movies I prefer the movie covers.
    I adore The Martian book cover and do prefer it over the movie cover. That close up is just waaaay too close for comfort!
    Wonderful post Lia! 💗

  8. I like the originals for all the covers because I feel they better represent the book than the movie covers do. Not to mention, movie covers can sway people’s biases towards or against books. Lastly, I think books without faces on them are way better. It leaves more to the imagination.

  9. I prefer the original in most cases, especially if the actors are on the cover – they neverm look like the i the characters I imagined and that just spoils the effect 🙂

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