[Blog Goals Wednesday] First weekly goals – Blog’s to-do-list

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I am a mess and I need to fix this. Because I started taking this whole blogging thingy seriously, I need to get organized. I can’t have a site looking like this because I know I can do better. Well I admit that since I am not a pro, my site is quite simple and elegant without too much effort. I need to keep it simple but I have to upgrade it a bit, don’t you think?

I need an emergency plan and of course your help. I need your ideas and I am desperate.

weekly goals

~Search for daily post ideas.~

That means that I have to come up with standar daily posts that will keep you entertained and my blog active.

~Be done with all the graphics~

See these cute icons such as ‘weekly goal’? I need to create more, about all daily posts.

~Edit my posts~

My posts need to be pretty and similar to each other. They need to follow the same pattern.

todolist icon

~Research for blog post ideas

~Host a challenge or an event

~Giveaway stuff

~Follow more book bloggers

~Finish my draft posts

~Favorite more quotes and post them

~Mini tutorials about book stuff

~Make blogger friends

~Ask and answer questions

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Please help me find more ideas and make my blog better. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment because it’s important to know your opinion about anything.

Thank you.