[Book Tag] The Secret Life of A Blogger

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Hey guys, I’m back with another tag. Raven [Dreamy Addictions], Kelly [Dancing Through The Pages] and Analee [Book Snacks] were kind enough to tag me and I’m more than glad to answer these questions! Let’s have some fun~

1.How long have you been a blogger?

I first created this blog last year but I didn’t update it often. A couple of months ago, I started posting some random reviews but I can say that it’s been a month since I decided to actually start blogging.

2.At what point do you think you will stop?

So far, blogging makes me less stresful and it helps me. I think I’ll stop blogging when I am too busy or when I have serious problems and I won’t be able to consider blogging.

3.What is the best thing?

New friends, new ideas, new books.

4.What is the worst thing? What do you do to make it okay?

The worst is that I spend a lot of time blogging and I read less. I think I need to start doing the exact opposite. Read more. blog less.

5.How long does it take you to create/find pictures to use?

Depends on what I’m looking for. Usually it doesn’t take too long because I make all the icons by myself without using pictures. When I do, it takes a couple of minutes.

6.Who is your book crush?

That’s easy because I am picky and I have a small number of book crushes. Here is my full top 5, with pictures and reasons why I love these guys.

[Top 5 Favorite Male Characters]

7.What author would you like to have on your blog?

Shelly Crane, Jennifer L. Armentrout and Brigid Kemmerer for starters. I like many authors and they’re all welcomed to be in my blog.

8.What do you wear when you write your blog posts?

Usually pjs.

9.How long does it take you to prepare?

My daily posts take about 5-10 minutes. Other posts about 15 and when I review it takes from half an hour to almost an hour.

10.How do you feel about the book blogger community/culture?

I am just so happy and excited to be part of the blogger community. I am also thankful to those who treat me well and are partners with me in this beautiful journey.

11.What do you think one should do to get a successful blog?

Well that’s a question for successful bloggers but I guess interesting, daily posts and evens will make your blog popular and of course making friends will double the time.

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