[Rant Tuesday] Expectations of a main female character

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Hello my precious people! How was your Monday? Hope it was good cause today’s Tuesday and I am more than ready to rant on main female book characters.

We all love it when the female character is strong, sassy and independent, right? Then what about the weak and defenseless ones?

It is true that when I read a book, I expect the main character to be smart, pretty, rational and all the good qualities a person can have. Well I think I got this all wrong because actually there so many girls out there who’re not that way. Sometimes a main character is allowed to be weak and waiting for help. I am not really talking about being annoying; just weak because not all of us can be strong all the times. I don’t see how it’s bad when you rely on someone and wait for his help. Yes that help might never come and we all have to trust noone and rely mostly on ourselves but I swear there are times that Ι really want to read about the one guy that actually helps the damsel in distress, because it might be genuine and because that girl might really need the help. I don’t even know if I make sense. I am not talking about unnecessary drama or fake weakness just to get the guy to help you. I am talking about an actual weak character with confidence issues and real problems. Yes sometimes that person needs to hear compliments and be shy about them and not act sarcastic because of her badass-ness (ignore the word).

So what I am trying to say is that I super enjoy when the main character is all about trusting herself and have life goals and be focused on her purpose and all, but I do love a character who needs a push; a character who needs someone to show her the way. That’s not bad cause that’s reality.

So this is shout out to all of you who wait for that someone in your life that will show you what it’s like to live. Go out there, find that man because it’s ok to need him. Be yourselves and don’t try to act strong if you’re not just because people like it. Ask for help and at the end if you don’t get it, try harder and be the strong person that people want you to be. It’s all about experiences, failures and disappointments. These things make us all stronger and it’s fine that we are through them. Either someone will make us feel better or we’ll do it on our own.

Be yourself and do not be ashamed of it.

[Rant Tuesday] Book characters and adaptation cast

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So today my friend was going crazy over how much female audiobook narrators ruin the manly badass picture she has for the male leads in the dialogues. She says that she prefers male narrators to be the voice of male characters and I think I agree. Because I do not listen to audiobooks, I was wondering if there’s something that ruins the picture of male characters in my head and then I realized that yes, god, yes there is.


That’s just wrong!

I don’t even know who’s in charge of the cast but what are you thinking? You can’t just pick the first famous guy that comes in your head. You need to find the right actor for an adaptation and if you have to look for years then I can wait. Watching a movie with the wrong cast drives me so crazy. I can’t even watch properly because of all the objections and it’s not fair that the only thoughts are ‘he doesn’t look like him’ or ‘this is not how he would react’ or this is so freaking wrong’.

I think that so far, out of all the adaptations I’ve watched, there are only a couple that I actually enjoyed because of the cast.

Please, directors, allow authors to have an opinion about the cast and let them help you. They will definitely know the right person for the character they created. That will help your movie be better and that will ease my aching heart. You can’t keep destroying all the male characters in the world.

Ok I may overreacting because I know it’s impossible to be completely satisfied. Nothing can compare with the perfect picture in my head but I am sure with a bit more effort the right actor can be found.

Same goes for the female characters but I think actresses are easier to be found and be a match for a character. I think so far there were many successful choices such as The Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter and other movies.

But maybe it’s just me so I don’t know.

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Am I the only disappointed reader? Do you think I judge too hard? Let me know your favorite cast and your worse!

Talk to me my darlings! ❤

[Rant Tuesday] Rude Authors

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Previously I’ve ranted on book haters and rude reviewers but there’s always the scenario that the rude person is not the reviewer but the author.

A very well known greek author, Chrysa Dimoulidou was the excuse for this post. She has written many books and she is famous enough but nothing gives her the right to be rude to reviewers.

Let me talk to you a bit about her in order to make an example out of the situation. Someone wrote a negative review for her book and apparently she found it unacceptable because she can’t comprehend the fact that someone didn’t like her book. She asked from the editorial manager to stop posting such reviews. She claimed to be an amazing author because of the number of her books and the amount of sales (and I won’t object about that) and she demanded that the manager has to be more ‘careful’ when it comes to such reviews. She stated that the reviewer has to deal with watching her because more and more famous because she knows that in the future she will keep writing best sellers. So in other words she asked that only positive reviews should be posted about her books and that negative reviews should be turned down.

In general I agree that the reviewer should be polite and definitely not offensive but nobody has the right to shut a reviewer down. We have every right to express our opinion about a book because that’s our freaking job. Authors should know that a book can’t be liked by everyone. It’s practically impossible. They should accept negative reviews more like advice and next time try harder.

We live in a free word and we’re supposed to be encouraged to express our opinion. Authors should be thankful that there are people out there who give their books a chance. They should be grateful for the time we spend on reading and they should accept reviews no matter how good or bad they are. That’s democracy and that’s the new world.

So Mrs. Dimoulidou, if you happen to see this post and get offended, I don’t give a damn because you’re rude and selfish. I will never ever give your books a chance but not because of your writing style but because of your awful personality. You don’t deserve my time.

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What do you really think about that? I know I get furious when something like that happens.

[Rant Tuesday] Book Haters

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Why would you even hate a book?

It’s one thing to dislike a book but it’s entirely an other to actually hate it. Do you even know what the word ‘hate’ means?

Let me help you find out.

a :  intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury

b :  extreme dislike or antipathy :  loathing

Noticed the word hostility? Why on earth would you be hostile towards a freaking book for crying out loud?

Yes you can dislike a book and you can even loathe a book but when you feel like being rude and hostile then it’s just wrong. Don’t you ever forget that even though the book was probably not good, the author who wrote it, is still a person with feelings and they can be hurt. It might also not occur to you but that person had to work hard to publish this book. Someone put an effort into doing something but you hater, the only effort you put is on hating and you’re an awful person for doing that. Get a freaking life and stop being jealous over someone else. And you know what? if you think you’re better than the author then I am sorry for reminding you but you’re not. If you were, you would have written a better book… oh scratch that, you would have written a book. Did you? Fuck off!

I admit that sometimes when I am angry over a book or disappointed, I tend to be sarcastic. It’s not because I don’t respect the author and the hard work but because I write reviews before my feelings have calmed the fuck down. I can take the blame for doing that and I think I should stop it. Hahaha I might even ranting on myself but thank God I know the difference between hating and disliking and I don’t do hate. I even encourage people to read the books I didn’t like because you never know. I might not like but you might do so who am I to say ‘Hey, don’t read that book because was not good.’ NO! Read the book and let me know what you think. I say what I feel but you might feel differently.

Anyway, don’t hate because nothing good came out of hating.

[Rant Tuesday] Love Triangles

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Ah it’s finally Tuesday! Are you guys as excited as I am on Tuesday’s? Probably not because you’re all so sweet and kind. I am a very very mean person ready to rant on anything and I enjoy it more than I should. (I also enjoy negative reviews sometimes, especially when the book is reaaally bad. How awful am I?)

Anyway today’s lovely theme is Love Triangles.

Why are they even exist is books and what’s the purpose? I still don’t understand. Sometimes I feel like the authors can’t come up with an actual plot obstacle and they just mix a love triangle to spice the story up. That’s just wrong. Ok I definitelly admit that I have enjoyed a couple of triangles but I was still new to reading and I was also young.

There are love triangles were the third person happens to be in love with the heroine and the heroine obviously is in love with the hero. Well, I don’t mind these because shit happens all the time in real life as well. There’s always someone that might be rejected so it’s only natural.

Usually I hate the triangles that the heroine can’t decide who she wants to be with. Seriously this is so stupid. With the exception of keeping them both on purpose, it’s easy to choose one and stick with him. If it won’t work out then you know that it wasn’t meant to be and that’s life. Keeping in your life two guys and playing with their feelings just because ‘you love them both’ is by far the most insanely fucked up thing to do.

No! You can’t share the same feelings for two people because they’re different and it’s for sure that one makes you happier than the other. Chose that one and leave the other alone.

Lately authors tend to write more and more about this kind of love triangle and it makes me so mad. The heroine has to choose between the mysterious new guy and her long-time best friend who happens to have feelings for her. Oh my god, choose the mysterious guy because your friend was friendzoned for some reason all these years.

If that’s not the case then it will be again the mysterious new guy and the long-time crush. Well, again choose the mysterious guy immediatelly because your crush remained just a crush for some reason.

Do you understand where I am going with this? The decision is easy and the love triangle is synonym to unnessecary drama.

Don’t write about love triangles anymore because there are so many other interesting subjects. Choose something new, make it your and be succesful.

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I seriously can’t wait to know your thoughts about love triangles. It can’t be that I am the only one who thoroughly dislikes them.

** Check out Daniela’s [Books to get lost in] blog post about Love Triangles. She focuses in a different aspect than me and it’s interesting.

[Rant Tuesday] YA side characters

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Has anyone missed my rants? I’m back with another rant Tuesday and ready to just be bitchy.

Today’s theme is YA side charactres. You see, my problem here is that usually the basic side characters are either best friends, the third wheel and of course the villain. All three of them are usually the same.

The Best Friend

If the main lead is shy and inexperienced and all then the best friend is usually super crazy, social and experienced. That specific person always: tries to get the heroine laid, complains about her social status, sets her up with dudes she thinks are awesome but they’re not, warns her against her love interest and disappears when she is needed for real. Why would you, dear YA author write about such a bad friend? I need to read about a friend who is always there, knows that the heroine doesn’t have to get laid or have a boyfriend no matter what. She also doesn’t have to be prom queen and all. I need to read about a friend who will support the heroine and her decisions without complaining, except of course if the heroine is indeed stupid and wrong. Please stop writing about that kind of friend because friendship must be glorified, especially in YA books, read by teens. Friendship is important and the best friend shouldn’t be just a side character. We all have to understand that.

The Third Wheel

First of all, I hate love triangles. So if the third wheel is not a side character but a basic character that keeps annoying the hell out of me then I drop the book, simply as that! If the third wheel is just a side character, like a creepy ex or just someone who’s not important then I don’t mind. But my question is why should there be a third wheel in first place? There are so many other things that could be a problem for the main characters and a love triangle is a killjoy. (Ι guess my next rant will be about love triangles in general so I won’t talk about it a lot today.)

Usually the third wheel is the prom queen and she is a complete bitch. Beautiful, socially strong but brainless and a bad person. This also has to stop because it’s absolutely boring and mainstream.

If the third person is a male, then he is the exact opposite from the main hero. Our hero is a badass, treats the heroine badly and pushes her away in addition to the other who’s more like a gentleman and kind and he sees how special is the girl.That’s also not surprising. Come on dear author, you can do better than that.

I am asking you to be creative and start writing about characters with depth. it would be more interesting if the love rival wouldn’t be just a brainless cheerleader or if the other dude was also a badass or also mysterious.

The Villain

I am not really complaining about the villains because, thank god there are a lot of kinds.

1) The disguised into a good guy but evil.

2) The one we knew since the beginning.

3) The traitor.

4) The one that turns good because of regret.

I think I like the plot twists so if you write about option number 3, then please do a good job. Usually it’s predictable that villain number 3 will betray the heroes.

Also, I like option number 4 because if the villain is awesome (that happens) then I want a spin-off and I think that he could be a frienemy.I love that!

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What do you say about that? Do you agree? Do you know any other types of side characters I should check out?

[Rant Tuesday] Book-ish Stereotypes

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Hey guys, it’s finally Tuesday and I am able to rant on stuff that bother me. It feels so good when I get them out of my system. Today’s Rant is a special one because it’s not about just one thing but about all stuff in books that make no sense in real life. Let me explain what I mean.

◆ Good, virgin girl gets the bad guy. I mean, seriously? Why virgin? She could be a good girl without being a virgin and she could find a guy who isn’t that bad. I admit these stories are catchy and I enjoy reading them but they’re completely unrealistic and fake fairytales. No, the bad guy doesn’t really change because he never falls for good, virgin girl. The bad guy will find a nice, pretty girl, who probably is experienced and fall for her.

It does happen but it’s so rare and I think this kind of couples has extincted.

◆ All girls except the main lead and her friends are trashy. That’s not even possible. It can’t be that all girls, except the heroine, want the hero in their pants but they don’t care about him. It’s not right that there are authors who actually present girls to be easy and ready to be fucked just because but the heroine is a saint who knows how to resist her urges. Bite me, this doesn’t happen. Yes there are easy girls and there are also girls who know how to say no but it’s not just these two categories for crying out loud.

◆ Redheads are instantly sluts. That offends me a lot because I used to be a redhead for a great amound of time and I am telling you that I am not a slut. I love my boyfriend and I am loyal as hell. Anyway it happens that redheads are described as easy and slutty in many contemporary books and the ‘redhead’ comes out as an insult and it has to stop. I still love my blood-red hair and I don’t want to feel like I am a whore because I am not.

All sex related stereotypes. The couple always comes at the same time, the girl always enjoys her first time and she even comes, the dude is always huge and gifted and experienced. Why am I even bothering? I should just read them and enjoy them while knowing none of it it’s true. Sometimes I wonder if the authors have sex because if they do they should have known that what they write is nonsense. Well maybe their sex life is perfect and that’s why they write all these stuff. Maybe they write about the sex they wish they had.

I don’t really mean to sound offensive but I am ranting on these things because I am also curious. I apologize if I offended any of you for some reason but this is just my humble opinion and don’t forget that I also feel insulted by some stuff.

Thanks for reading!

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Do you agree or maybe disagree? Let me know why and let’s have a civilized conversation.

[Rant Tuesday] Alpha Males

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Oh no no no, don’t get me wrong, I like Alpha Males and I don’t mind them at all. I mean who doesn’t like an experienced, determined, hot male who knows life? I also enjoy when they are a bit possesive and jealous but I repeat, a bit.

What I don’t like is obsessed, demanding, psycopaths. Lately in contemporary books this is all I read about and I am seriously disappointed. Sexy billionaire’s in their late 20s with no brain and psycological problems, (like Grey) who try to control the girls, while they keep their lives a secret.


My dear girls, this is not sexy and mysterious; This is freaking dangerous and you should all stay away from dudes like these. Don’t believe what you read in books because this is no romance. Please, don’t be deceived by fairytales. (Not even close to fairytales but anyway.) It’s one thing for the guy to be an actual, in charge, Alpha Male but it’s another thing to allow someone to control your life. You can have your own opinion and you can do as you wish, without having a guy to tell you what you need to do.

Be yourself and be careful.

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Am I the only one who believes that this Alpha Male kind is absolutely wrong? Tell me your opinion and let’s have an interesting conversation.

[Rant Tuesday] Insta-Love

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If you already read my reviews then you know that I hate insta-love. A book, in which the two leads fall in love after meeting each other a couple of times, it’s absolutely not worthy of my time. Why? Because it’s not possible. You can’t love a person you don’t know. If you think you do, then you mistake your feelings because love is not just a feeling.

You love your family and your close friends, how can you put a person you’ve just met to the same level as these people? How can you say that you have similar feelings for a man you’ve just started dating? Do you even know what love is? So, let me ask you something, dear author. How can you make your character love someone so quickly? How can your 17-year-old female character possibly know that the boy she likes is her one true love and that she won’t fall in love again? That’s ridiculous.

I don’t know if this is just in my country, language or culture but when we say ‘I love you‘ to someone, it means ‘I love you‘ and not ‘I am in love with you‘. We have a different word about stating that we’re ‘in love‘ and it’s not even close to ‘loving‘ someone. So maybe when the authors use the ‘L’ word so easy, it’s because they confuse the meaning of the word. Maybe it’s because there is not a word somewhere in between ‘I like you‘ and ‘I love you’ to express these feelings in english language. But no matter what, there are actions to show how you feel. Don’t just rape the poor word without meaning it. Make your characters real, because it takes time to ‘fall in love‘ and even more time to ‘love‘.

(I can only accept some sort of insta-love in a paranormal book if there’s something like a bond or magic or similar stuff.)

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What’s your opinion about Insta-love? Do you enjoy these kind of books and why?

[Rant Tuesday] Book prices

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You can’t be a bookworm and live in Greece at the same time without having to buy books that cost too much.

While english/american paperpacks cost around 10 € tops, the same books translated in greek cost around 20-25 €. Why are books so freaking expensive especially since there’s economical crisis? Books are supposed to be easy to be bought and I hate that I have to spend 50 € to buy a couple of translated books when I can buy five in their original language.

Also, libraries here suck. They only have old books because greek authors want to make more money. Oh my god, why are they so selfish? How am I supposed to buy your book if the prices are so high? Libraries are my only solution for free reading and they take it away from me as well. I am just glad there is kindle in my life and I can read books for free or buy in low/normal prices.

And yes, selfish greek author, I refuse to read your book because you’re trying to make money the wrong way and I won’t help you.

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Is buying book easy for you, in your country? How much do they cost? Do you prefer reading translated books or in english?