[Rant Tuesday] Book prices

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You can’t be a bookworm and live in Greece at the same time without having to buy books that cost too much.

While english/american paperpacks cost around 10 € tops, the same books translated in greek cost around 20-25 €. Why are books so freaking expensive especially since there’s economical crisis? Books are supposed to be easy to be bought and I hate that I have to spend 50 € to buy a couple of translated books when I can buy five in their original language.

Also, libraries here suck. They only have old books because greek authors want to make more money. Oh my god, why are they so selfish? How am I supposed to buy your book if the prices are so high? Libraries are my only solution for free reading and they take it away from me as well. I am just glad there is kindle in my life and I can read books for free or buy in low/normal prices.

And yes, selfish greek author, I refuse to read your book because you’re trying to make money the wrong way and I won’t help you.

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Is buying book easy for you, in your country? How much do they cost? Do you prefer reading translated books or in english?