[Review] Queen of Blood by Jill Myles

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For one hundred years, Seri’s people have lived under the thumb of the Blood, the cruel and mysterious rulers of Athon. Seri wants nothing more than to put food on the table and marry the hotheaded but handsome Rilen come spring. But when a noblewoman asks Seri to be her handmaiden, Rilen insists she move to the enemy’s castle . . . and spy on the newly arrived prince.

Prince Graeme has grown weary of his family’s curse. The Blood are powerful and immortal, but doomed to live in the shadows, flitting from lover to lover, always in search of the mythic Eterna—the one woman who will sate their hunger. Now his father has sent him to the outskirts of the empire to stamp out a rebellious Vidari faction. But when a wild and alluring Vidari girl shows up at court, he finds himself torn between following his father’s orders and following his heart . . .

A war is brewing between Athonite and Vidari, between Blood and man. As uprisings sweep through the land, Seri and Graeme find themselves at the center of a storm with only one choice: betray each other, or betray their people.

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Arc kindly provided by the publisher, via netGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

So I was thinking about rating this book with 3 stars but I decided against it because I couldn’t find reasons to do so.

It was a quick, easy read. I had no trouble following the plot and I could relate to the characters. I loved the era the story was set in and I enjoyed the romance. So why would I rate this book less than 4 stars, right?

Let’s start with Seri, a Vitari girl who was trying to survive along with her family. She was going to get married and live a happily ever after. Everything changed when she was told that she was an Eterna, the other half of a Prince Blood and that she was meant to be with him. Seri didn’t like that and she fought till the end to change it. She tried to murder her Prince husband and worked as an insider in order to help her people start a revolution.
I was glad that Seri didn’t fall in love immediately and that she didn’t betray her life style over a man. She remained loyal to her religion and her beliefs. Yes, she fell in love with the prince but he was worth it and Seri deserved him.

Prince Graeme was lovely. He was nothing like his cruel father and brother. He was willing to make his kingdom better and fair and he was always trying for the best. When he found Seri he was patient and hopeful even though he didn’t want her as well. Eventually he saw how precious Seri was and he fought to win her heart and make her life better.

I loved the intrigue around the war and the mystery of plotting a revolution. I enjoyed all the attempts that Seri made in order to murder Graeme. The battle between what was supposed to be right and her morals made the character more real and approachable. I could relate to her and her thoughts or feelings and I could absolutely understand her dilemma.

I don’t have more things to say because I read the book over a night and I didn’t even thought about keeping notes like I always do. That’s a good thing.

I suggest you read the book in a summer night, while drinking wine or something cold and refreshing.

Thank you for reading.


[Jill Myles]

JILL MYLES is the author of the Succubus Diaries from Pocket Books. Jill also writes as Jessica Clare and Jessica Sims.