[Let Me Quote Friday] Firelight by Sophie Jordan

friday quotes

[His voice rumbles deep and smooth, like that day in the mountains, when emotions
flowed as thick as mist. “I’m sorry. I guess I got carried away. I thought…” He shakes his head, dragging both hands through his hair, clearly misunderstanding, reading something else on my face. “With you, I just…Jacinda, I didn’t mean—”
“Stop,” I say.
Because I can’t stand for him to apologize for kissing me.

Not when I wanted him to. Not when I want him to do it again. I drag a deep breath into my lungs, satisfied that I have regained control of myself and stopped the manifest.
This is good, I remind myself. My draki responds to him. My draki lives. Just a little too well. I’ll learn better control, I let myself think. Because I need him. He’s all I have. Not Cassian. I don’t need Cassian to rescue me.
I have Will. Here, he’s my way back to the sky.
Will keeps babbling, like he can’t help himself. “I don’t blame you for thinking I’m a
user, a player. I’m trying to get with you in the school stairwell like some—”
I stop his mouth with another kiss. Nothing smooth or deft. Just pull his face to mine and press my lips to his. Partly because I want to, and I can’t stop wanting to. Partly because I don’t need to be reminded how much I really should avoid him. And partly because I
have myself under control and want another try.]

Will & Jacinda Sophie Jordan, Firelight