[Blog Goals Wednesday] Progress and new goals

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I’ve missed one Wednesday because of my vacation but I will make it up with new goals.

previous goals

~Finish at least 2 of the 3 books I’m currently reading.~

I don’t think I’ll have much time because of the wedding but there will be moments like the flights, before I fall asleep, on the beach etc that I’ll manage to read. 

I also reviewed the books and you can find them if you scroll down my blog.

~ Stay in touch with you ~

I will be able to comment and follow your posts. I won’t miss you cause I’ll be right here. I just won’t be able to post more. 

I tried my best to be online often and  think I didn’t completely left you guys, right?

~ Get to know you better by friending you in other social media. ~

Yeah this week will be about us! 

I didn’t manage to friend or follow anyone (except a couple of people) but I’ll do it this week.

weekly goals

~ Draft posts for the whole week so that I can be prepared for anything ~

I’ll be away again this week. Please don’t kill me, it’s too hot to stay away from the beach.

~ Review two books ~

I think I can manage that. I’ll have plenty of time to read.

~ Get to know you better by friending you in other social media. ~

I am going to spam your lives, everywhere!

[Blog Goals Wednesday] Progress and new goals

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Wednesday came by early. It was an easy week and I was finally relaxed and able to read some books. Thank god for summer vacations.

previous goals

~Write at least 2 reviews~

This is the third week I am attempting to finish a book but thank god my exams are over and I can focus on my blog! 

~Reach 100 followers~

Ι am not expecting to actually make it but I am willing to fight! 

I am really close. Currently have 87 followers! ^^ Thank you all my precious friends!

weekly goals

~Be nominated for an award~

I am thankful for being tagged often but I wasn’t nominated for an award yet.

~Reach 100 followers~

Ι think I can do this!

~Host an event~

Maybe I’ll find a co-host and have a partner in crime!

[Blog Goals Wednesday] Progress and new goals

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The last couple of weeks was a mess. I haven’t finished a single book because of my exams. I am mentally exhausted and worn out. Sadly, I have one week left and I need to do well, so my blog can’t come first. I will keep my daily posts but I can’t review books at the moment.

previous goals

~Write at least 2 reviews~

I need to finish the books I am currently reading, without stop studying for exams. 

~Make a couple of blogger friends~

I have to search for more blogs and make some friends. Have to like more blog posts and comment more often. 

weekly goals

~Write at least 2 reviews~

I need to finish the books I am currently reading, without stop studying for exams. Same as before!

~Have at least 10 likes in a post~

I know that my blog is still new and that I’m not really popular and I need to change that with baby steps. 10 likes in a post are quite hard for me, so this is my first achievement!

[Monday’s Top 5] Favorite female characters and how they look like in my mind

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It is true that us girls usually talk about our book boyfriends and we barely notice the female leads. Well basically we experience everything they do, especially if there’s a first person POV, and we put ourselves in their shoes. As a result we unconsiously ignore the fact that these heroines are the most important character of the book and we focus on the male leads. Today I am going to present my favorite female book charcaters, the reasons why I chose them and how they look like in my mind.


Maggie Masters/Jacobson – Significance by Shelly Crane

I know that Hollie Shay was casted for that role but she is not even close to how Maggie is supposed to look like. Maggie should be cute and and pretty with redish hair and cute freckles.

Why is Maggie my number 5?

That girl was normal and after she touched Caleb, her significant, her life changed. Suddenly she was important to a whole race of people and out of nowhere she even had enemies. Not to mention that later she found out she was actually THE visionary, the leader of Virtuoso. So, having to deal with the fact that people wanted her dead because they were afraid of her or that they insisted she should leave her significant and practically have half her soul taken it’s not simple. Maggie had to fight for her significant and demanded that they should treat Caleb as her equal. She had to fight in order to keep her people safe and modest because nature was punishing them by stoping the imprintings and she had to fight for her own life. Also she was a great mother and years later when people mistreated her kids and almost took her daughter’s significant, she had to start a war in order to finally earn the freedom her people deserved.

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[Blog Goals Wednesday] First weekly goals – Blog’s to-do-list

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I am a mess and I need to fix this. Because I started taking this whole blogging thingy seriously, I need to get organized. I can’t have a site looking like this because I know I can do better. Well I admit that since I am not a pro, my site is quite simple and elegant without too much effort. I need to keep it simple but I have to upgrade it a bit, don’t you think?

I need an emergency plan and of course your help. I need your ideas and I am desperate.

weekly goals

~Search for daily post ideas.~

That means that I have to come up with standar daily posts that will keep you entertained and my blog active.

~Be done with all the graphics~

See these cute icons such as ‘weekly goal’? I need to create more, about all daily posts.

~Edit my posts~

My posts need to be pretty and similar to each other. They need to follow the same pattern.

todolist icon

~Research for blog post ideas

~Host a challenge or an event

~Giveaway stuff

~Follow more book bloggers

~Finish my draft posts

~Favorite more quotes and post them

~Mini tutorials about book stuff

~Make blogger friends

~Ask and answer questions

feedback icon

Please help me find more ideas and make my blog better. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment because it’s important to know your opinion about anything.

Thank you.