[Monday’s Top 5] Worst books

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Well we all have books that we didn’t enjoy; I know I do. There are books that I thoroughly disliked and found offensive or just completely unreadable and poorly written.

It is time for me to confess these books and briefly explain why I disliked them so much. Truth is I can’t decided which one is the worst. All of them gave me headaches and made me angry.


[Forgiveness & Permission (The Ghost Bird #4)] by C. L. Stone

The first and the second book were weird but ok. The third book was a chaos and now this one.

We have 9 guys and a girl. All 9 guys want her and she obviously can’t choose one because she wants them all. It is not possible all 9 of them to want her. I mean come on, what are the chances that 99 friends have exactly the same taste?

But before that, Sang (the lead) is a girl who didn’t have a social life at all and suddenly made these guys her friends. I understand that since she was socialy inactive, she wouldn’t be able to know some stuff or how to react sometimes.
Βeing unaware of some things and being awkward among people is one thing but being completely stupid and refusing to think is another. Even socialy invalid people would tell the difference between ‘I am your friend’ and ‘I am trying to get in your pants’. It’s in human nature to understand that a kiss is not friendly even if you don’t know it for a fact.

Anyway, other than that I couldn’t stand the insecurities, the whining and the whole ‘I am so honestly naive and it’s cute’. No honey, you’re not naive. Your brain is just innactive and it needs a restart.

God, I am in such a bitchy mood today.

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