[Blog Goals Wednesday] Progress and New Goals

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It’s been a hard week for me and I didn’t do anything. I didn’t read and I didn’t blog but I am back and ready to blow your minds!

previous goals

~ Work on my blog’s appearence. ~

Yup, I still need to fix and change a couple of things. 

I managed to make many changes but I am still working on some things.

~Review two books. ~ 

Since I don’t seem to be able to finish three books in a week, I’ll be back to two. 

I am trying to hard to read something but I am not in the right mood. 

~ Reach 30 likes in a post. ~

I am not sure about my record but I think it’s close to 25-26. I can make it to 30, right? 

Actually one of my post reached 35 likes and that’s amazing! Thank you all~

weekly goals

~Blog everyday for a week no matter what~

I need to be fully back.

~Review 2 books~

I struggle at the moment but I have to take my mind off of bad things.

~Do all the pending tags and awards~

I’ve lost my bookmarks because my laptop died but I’ve managed to find some of the tags I was in. So I will have to at least do the ones I’ve found.