[Blog Goals Wednesday] Progress and New Goals

wednesday's blog goals icon

It was a great week in the blogsphere and it feels good to be back and interact with all of you! Thank you~

previous goals

~Blog everyday for a week no matter what~

I need to be fully back. 

Yup I was here everyday for the past week, Tired of me?

~Review 2 books~

I struggle at the moment but I have to take my mind off of bad things. 

Can’t make it because of my boredom but I am determined.

~Do all the pending tags and awards~

I’ve lost my bookmarks because my laptop died but I’ve managed to find some of the tags I was in. So I will have to at least do the ones I’ve found. 

It takes more time than I thought to do all the tags. So many and so excited about it. Thank you all for keep tagging me.

weekly goals

~ Review 3 books. ~

I’ll take it to the next level.

~ Reach 35 likes in a post. ~

At times I make it to 30 likes but I always try for the better so 35 it is this time.

~ Reach 300 followers. ~

I am close but not enough to make it this week. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

Thank you all because you guys are my motive about everything!

21 thoughts on “[Blog Goals Wednesday] Progress and New Goals

  1. Lia! I would suggest emailing yourself the posts where you are tagged to do a tag or an award post! It’s much more secure than simply bookmarking them.
    Good luck for this coming week 💜

  2. I think so far, you’re doing great, so keep it up. I know the struggles of writing book reviews, I often feel it too, sometimes I can’t find the strength to put my thoughts into words. But I believe in you, I know you can achieve all your goals 🙂

  3. My goodness! Those are some mighty hefty goals you got there, but it sounds like you are more than capable of reaching them. I wish you the best of luck! I don’t know how you find the time to review three books in a week! I can barely do one a week. 0.0

    • I know I am the same but I need to read more cause it helps me. Even if I am bored I still have to spend my time reading instead of staring at the ceiling! 🙂 Thank you so so much!

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