[Rant Tuesday] Expectations of a main female character

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Hello my precious people! How was your Monday? Hope it was good cause today’s Tuesday and I am more than ready to rant on main female book characters.

We all love it when the female character is strong, sassy and independent, right? Then what about the weak and defenseless ones?

It is true that when I read a book, I expect the main character to be smart, pretty, rational and all the good qualities a person can have. Well I think I got this all wrong because actually there so many girls out there who’re not that way. Sometimes a main character is allowed to be weak and waiting for help. I am not really talking about being annoying; just weak because not all of us can be strong all the times. I don’t see how it’s bad when you rely on someone and wait for his help. Yes that help might never come and we all have to trust noone and rely mostly on ourselves but I swear there are times that Ι really want to read about the one guy that actually helps the damsel in distress, because it might be genuine and because that girl might really need the help. I don’t even know if I make sense. I am not talking about unnecessary drama or fake weakness just to get the guy to help you. I am talking about an actual weak character with confidence issues and real problems. Yes sometimes that person needs to hear compliments and be shy about them and not act sarcastic because of her badass-ness (ignore the word).

So what I am trying to say is that I super enjoy when the main character is all about trusting herself and have life goals and be focused on her purpose and all, but I do love a character who needs a push; a character who needs someone to show her the way. That’s not bad cause that’s reality.

So this is shout out to all of you who wait for that someone in your life that will show you what it’s like to live. Go out there, find that man because it’s ok to need him. Be yourselves and don’t try to act strong if you’re not just because people like it. Ask for help and at the end if you don’t get it, try harder and be the strong person that people want you to be. It’s all about experiences, failures and disappointments. These things make us all stronger and it’s fine that we are through them. Either someone will make us feel better or we’ll do it on our own.

Be yourself and do not be ashamed of it.

14 thoughts on “[Rant Tuesday] Expectations of a main female character

  1. This is an interesting rant – it’s honest and not what I thought it would be. I was expecting you to say – Women are always portrayed as weak and emotional. Instead you’ve been honest ( I think because of your recent personal experiences) as said hang on! I do feel weak at times and like I need help!! What’s also interesting is that you’ve said that you would like your help to be of the male orientation. Normally this is a men keep out club lol
    In truth though you should know them us guys often feel like we’re lost and don’t know what to do, so don’t think that just because we’re doing something that it’s the right thing. We often just need to do something and even winging it seems like a good idea.
    Anyways, I’m rambling on – thank you for your very honest rant. I liked it 🙂

    • Hm I really do believe that the help usually comes from friends and family and it’s amazing. They always come first. But I was also talking about book characters and yes they usually find that man who changes their lives. So the reference is mostly about them. In general help can come in many ways and we should be thankful about it. 🙂 And yes I think I understand that men are humans as and of course they can be mentally weak as well. I think that they have a different way of thinking and that is why they can still help a woman and of course a woman can help a man to find his way. That’s because we are meant to complete each other. We were created that way. Humans weren’t meant to live alone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Simon.

      • It’s always a pleasure Lia. You’re an interesting person to talk to and this has show me never to assume I know what someone is goign to say from the title – it was a surprise. A nice one too, because many times when women write about men or men in their live or workplace it’s not about togetherness it’s about competition or separation. So thank you 🙂

  2. This is really interesting. You know, I feel the same way, and was going through a similar rant too. I specially feel that, in the space of a few years, we’ve gone from ‘damsel in distress’ to ‘badass heroine who kicks everyone’s ass’, and it’s refreshing when I see flawed characters. I think flawed characters are the ones we can relate most (even if we don’t want to admit). So balance is essential, in my opinion. I want to see real women with real struggles. I want to see real women with real physical limitations (well, in general, men are stronger physically, and that’s absolutely fine, because we can be strong in so many different ways). So, thanks for this topic.

  3. This is fantastic and I totally agree! There’s gotta be a balance. It’s so empowering to read about strong female characters who know how to kick butt, but at the same time, it’s great to read about those females who are slightly weaker in character and who do need an extra boost and some help sometimes. It gives us the ability to connect with the character!

  4. I have to agree with above comments. I didn’t realize where this was going until it was there, but I love it. ^.^ We have so many super strong female characters out there, especially in YA science fiction books right now and it’s kind of annoying. They all take on the same personality types. It becomes redundant and it’d be nice to see some diversity in the personality types of female characters because not everyone can be the strong, bold heroine. Some people need help. Most people can’t be the figure head, the leader, the person to take on the government all by their lonesome. Other people are necessary. I think this is a great reminder of that! ^.^ (Even if I took this in a book sense more than a real world sense. heh)

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