[Rant Tuesday] Book characters and adaptation cast

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So today my friend was going crazy over how much female audiobook narrators ruin the manly badass picture she has for the male leads in the dialogues. She says that she prefers male narrators to be the voice of male characters and I think I agree. Because I do not listen to audiobooks, I was wondering if there’s something that ruins the picture of male characters in my head and then I realized that yes, god, yes there is.


That’s just wrong!

I don’t even know who’s in charge of the cast but what are you thinking? You can’t just pick the first famous guy that comes in your head. You need to find the right actor for an adaptation and if you have to look for years then I can wait. Watching a movie with the wrong cast drives me so crazy. I can’t even watch properly because of all the objections and it’s not fair that the only thoughts are ‘he doesn’t look like him’ or ‘this is not how he would react’ or this is so freaking wrong’.

I think that so far, out of all the adaptations I’ve watched, there are only a couple that I actually enjoyed because of the cast.

Please, directors, allow authors to have an opinion about the cast and let them help you. They will definitely know the right person for the character they created. That will help your movie be better and that will ease my aching heart. You can’t keep destroying all the male characters in the world.

Ok I may overreacting because I know it’s impossible to be completely satisfied. Nothing can compare with the perfect picture in my head but I am sure with a bit more effort the right actor can be found.

Same goes for the female characters but I think actresses are easier to be found and be a match for a character. I think so far there were many successful choices such as The Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter and other movies.

But maybe it’s just me so I don’t know.

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Am I the only disappointed reader? Do you think I judge too hard? Let me know your favorite cast and your worse!

Talk to me my darlings! ❤

16 thoughts on “[Rant Tuesday] Book characters and adaptation cast

  1. You are definitely not judging too hard! I have to absolutely agree here. I don’t listen to audio books, so I can’t make a statement on voices. However, when an actor or actress is cast for a character I at least want it to be believable, unless, they come out from the beginning and say that they are making these changes for a reason (and they have the full support of the author). Like in Under The Dome by Stephen King; they made a whole lot of changes to not just characters, but also the whole story. I was okay with that because they let us know that this will be somethign new. If I am expecting it to be like the book, I WANT IT TO BE LIKE THE BOOK…or so close I can just shrug it off.

    I don’t often love the movie adaptions but I have to say I enjoyed TMI a lot, even though I was so annoyed by the actors picked for Magnus and how they changed Valentines whole character!

    I do not like the actress they picked for Tris. I like all the other movies she has done so far, but I just dont think she is a believable Tris.

    • Yes I agree with your every word! We have some expectations and we get disappointed when we don’t really get what we want. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.

      • You are welcome! This rant hit so close to home considering Hollywoods sudden tenacity for putting out book adaptions lately! It was wonderful to read,and great to know that I am certainly not the only person who gets disappointed!.

  2. I flip every time I don’t like a casting either! You have that image in your head and even though they of course can’t be 100% accurate, sometimes they really, really mess it up. That’s also part of the reason why I want to become a casting director hahaha

  3. Agreed! I don’t really like Chloe Grace portraying Cassie in the 5th wave. I just don’t see her in Cassie :///// But tbh I don’t think any of the casts from The 5th Wave movie are well chosen except Sam, Cassie’s little brother lol. Great discussions! 😀

  4. I was just thinking about this the other day! This might be dating me a little bit, but I remember the UPROAR on the Internet when the Twilight castings were announced. Granted, we all knew they were going to be disasters anyway, but so many people were so upset that Emily Browning and Gaspard Ulliel weren’t cast as Bella and Edward. I’m interested to see what people think when the castings for Uglies and Shiver are announced, haha.

    • I just think they should consider a bit more as to who they will hire. It’s not just a job. The cast is the most important part of a movie. They are about to represent a whole fandom. They can’t simply hire anyone to do the job because it’s not just ANY job! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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