[Rant Tuesday] Rude Authors

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Previously I’ve ranted on book haters and rude reviewers but there’s always the scenario that the rude person is not the reviewer but the author.

A very well known greek author, Chrysa Dimoulidou was the excuse for this post. She has written many books and she is famous enough but nothing gives her the right to be rude to reviewers.

Let me talk to you a bit about her in order to make an example out of the situation. Someone wrote a negative review for her book and apparently she found it unacceptable because she can’t comprehend the fact that someone didn’t like her book. She asked from the editorial manager to stop posting such reviews. She claimed to be an amazing author because of the number of her books and the amount of sales (and I won’t object about that) and she demanded that the manager has to be more ‘careful’ when it comes to such reviews. She stated that the reviewer has to deal with watching her because more and more famous because she knows that in the future she will keep writing best sellers. So in other words she asked that only positive reviews should be posted about her books and that negative reviews should be turned down.

In general I agree that the reviewer should be polite and definitely not offensive but nobody has the right to shut a reviewer down. We have every right to express our opinion about a book because that’s our freaking job. Authors should know that a book can’t be liked by everyone. It’s practically impossible. They should accept negative reviews more like advice and next time try harder.

We live in a free word and we’re supposed to be encouraged to express our opinion. Authors should be thankful that there are people out there who give their books a chance. They should be grateful for the time we spend on reading and they should accept reviews no matter how good or bad they are. That’s democracy and that’s the new world.

So Mrs. Dimoulidou, if you happen to see this post and get offended, I don’t give a damn because you’re rude and selfish. I will never ever give your books a chance but not because of your writing style but because of your awful personality. You don’t deserve my time.

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What do you really think about that? I know I get furious when something like that happens.

21 thoughts on “[Rant Tuesday] Rude Authors

  1. This reminds me of when an author «attacked» Catriona from Little Book Owl on Goodreads. And her review was not even mean. She only said that the book was not for her. We as reviewers have the right to share our honest opinion and if didn’t like we didn’t. If you’re an author you have to know how to accept good and bad reviews.

  2. Great post. I completely agree with you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I am always careful when I am reviewing to not be offensive, but my opinion is my opinion. If I don’t like a book, I don’t – It doesn’t mean it’s bad, it means I didn’t like it, and nobody can change that. Of course, there is always going to be someone who doesn’t like the book. When most of the target audience doesn’t like the book, then that’s a reason of concern.

  3. Great Post! I totally agree with everything you’ve said. As reviewers, we are meant to write our honest thoughts on the book even if it was good or bad because we do spend our precious time reading it. Every author has to accept both positive and negative reviews alike because that’s what helps them doing better in their future work. Everyone has the right to share their own opinions and they should be respected.

  4. I totally agree with you. Every book is going to have a bad review. I have a right to state my opinion. For example if my mom gave a orange shirt I have a right to say my opinion about this shirt. I have the right to tell her I don’t like the color orange. This post gave me the courage to tell my opinion even if the other person likes it or not. Thank you for this wonderful post!!!

  5. I’m really happy this hasn’t happen to me. This is so rude, I can’t believe it. Some one has reblogged a post by an author who stated that each book has to get a 3 star rating or more but never less because they had a lot of work writing it etc. I think those two could become best friends hating on reviewers.
    Reviewing is a lot of work, we aren’t paid for it and some books we just don’t enjoy.

  6. As an author I value your words as reviewers and what you take the time out of your life to do for me, as I have written books that hopefully you enjoy. I see it as a team and that is exactly the attitude that is not necessary for a team to work. Hopefully this doesn’t discourage you to keep reviewing

  7. Oh my gosh not publishing negatieve reviews would be censorship?? That’s really disgusting. Of course it hurts when someone doesn’t like your work, but not everyone likes the same books and that’s okay. Besides, if she’s already a bestselling author, why complain about the few people who disliked her work? There are plenty of people who think otherwise!

  8. I don’t like authors that feel entitled to having a five star review on their book! If anything, they should be able to accept both opinions and grow from it instead of lashing out defensively at reviewers. I’m not discounting that they might feel a little disappointed by negative reviews but we’re not ignoring the work they put into the book! It’s just a subjective review of a book and opinion differs from person to person. It’s illogical to expect a unanimously positive opinion!

  9. What a great rant! 😛 I totally agree with you, we as reviewers have the right to express our honest opinion and if we didn’t enjoy an author’s book, well, that’s too bad! We appreciate the work that must go into writing a novel, but authors in return should respect our opinion in return. ❤

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