[VS Battle Saturday] Paperpack VS E-book #2

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Today I feel exhausted so I am brining back my first battle. I didn’t have any followerd back then so I didn’t get answers.

I am sure we all love paperpacks and I am also sure that we know how to appreciate an e-book. But which one is better and which one do you prefer?

Paperpacks are precious and irreplacable and we all know that paper can be everlasting in addition to e-books which is just data that can be lost anytime soon. Getting to hold a book in your hand and be able to smell it and feel it, can give happiness to many people. How can we compare that feeling to any other in the world, right?

Paperpacks can be so pretty and notable collectibles for your amazing bookshelf. I am so proud everytime I walk inside my room and I see my selves; especially the ones where I put my hardcovers.


E-books on the other hand, are the solution to many problems and obviously they are the future. I know paperpacks will be here forever but e-books are just easier. You can have hundreds of book in your pocket and you can choose to read them whenever and wherever you want.

Of course, e-books are always easier to be bought because they’re cheaper and can be sent to your kindle immediatelly.

You can read in the dark by adjusting the brightness and you can keep track of your progress without worrying about missing the page. You can keep notes and highlight text without actually ruining the book and you can always delete them.

E-books can come in handy for everyone but wouldn’t you prefer a book? Maybe both? Maybe you’re a kindle fan and I don’t blame you.

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What do you think about both? Let me knooooow~

21 thoughts on “[VS Battle Saturday] Paperpack VS E-book #2

  1. Such a hard choice, because I love both so much! If I see a really good deal on a kindle book I want to read, then I’ll buy the e-book version. If the paperback is cheaper than e-book, then I obviously buy the paperback. I do love physical copies of books, but I love that e-books are so much more convenient and you can take all your books with you! Also, if it’s a book that I do want to read, but don’t see myself spending that extra money for the physically copy then I get an e-book of it. Or if it’s a book cover I don’t necessarily love, I’ll get an e-book. LOL.

  2. Nice topic! I certainly agree to all these.Physical books are nice to look at in our “book museum” but ebooks are just convenient when you travel. I think there’s a pro and con to each option 😀

  3. I don’t like e-books, so paperbacks for sure! I find e-books hard to read and I actually read slower than when I read paper- or hardbacks! Plus I just like the feel of a real book in my hand, the smell, the way it looks on my shelf…

  4. I think both formats have it’s own advantages. Most of my books are in ebook format because they are cheaper (so we can buy as many as we like), easier to carry ground and great for reading at nights. 😀

  5. Ah, the choice between e-books and paperbacks! One of the hardest choices to make. I love them both. These days, I tend to buy physical books of those that I know I love and will love and those that I get on kindle may be books that I may or may not. Im scared that e-books will replace physical books but I hope that doesn’t happen in my life time. As much as I love the portability and arrant ages and cheapness of e-books, my paperbacks (and hardbacks) are my babies.
    xoxo 💋 Great post!

  6. I read both. But prefer paperbacks as I love book covers and they are lost on ebooks. It’s great to have an instant read which ebooks give you but frustrating on short plane flights where you have to switch off devices for ascent and descent. Once I emersed in a book though, it doesn’t really matter what format it is.

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