[VS Battle Saturday] Similar Covers: Darkness Before Dawn VS Fallen in Love

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I got the idea for this Saturday’s battle when Josie [Josie’s Book Corner] pointed out about the similarities of two covers in a conversation we had. I thought ‘yes this is battle worthy’ and here I am with two similar covers so that you can choose which one you prefer.

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I think there is no need for me to say more. The books are like they belong to the same series but they’re not. Both dark and goth and both so so so pretty. But which on do you prefer? Let me knoooooow~

17 thoughts on “[VS Battle Saturday] Similar Covers: Darkness Before Dawn VS Fallen in Love

  1. The background for Fallen In Love seems greenish (the ugly shade of green in my own opinion) and her dress is too simple as well. There’s no flow unlike the one in Darkness Before Dawn. But at the same time I prefer Fallen In Love’s font design because it appears more appealing. I just find the author’s name on Darkness Before Dawn a bit too small making the position on top look awkward. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah I also don’t really like the colors in Fallen in Love. It’s too light and atthe same time it’s not. It’s actually weird! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I haven’t read either, but I like Darkness Before Dawn more. I like the in motion feel, her hair flowing but still covering her face. The only thing that could be better is if the author’s name was at the bottom, or at least had a different font/color. I think the mood of the cover would be more noticable that way. The main reason why I don’t like Fallen In Love is because you can tell it’s an edit. The light on her doesn’t match the rest of the picture and the atmospheric background loses it’s appeal. ><

  3. Fonts-wise, I prefer Fallen, the text size and design look appropriate and balanced. That, and maybe because I’ve always loved the series and all its book covers. But image-wise, I like the girl’s pose better in Darkness Before Dawn. The head bowed down also adds mystery to the girl’s character.

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