[Rant Tuesday] Book Haters

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Why would you even hate a book?

It’s one thing to dislike a book but it’s entirely an other to actually hate it. Do you even know what the word ‘hate’ means?

Let me help you find out.

a :  intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury

b :  extreme dislike or antipathy :  loathing

Noticed the word hostility? Why on earth would you be hostile towards a freaking book for crying out loud?

Yes you can dislike a book and you can even loathe a book but when you feel like being rude and hostile then it’s just wrong. Don’t you ever forget that even though the book was probably not good, the author who wrote it, is still a person with feelings and they can be hurt. It might also not occur to you but that person had to work hard to publish this book. Someone put an effort into doing something but you hater, the only effort you put is on hating and you’re an awful person for doing that. Get a freaking life and stop being jealous over someone else. And you know what? if you think you’re better than the author then I am sorry for reminding you but you’re not. If you were, you would have written a better book… oh scratch that, you would have written a book. Did you? Fuck off!

I admit that sometimes when I am angry over a book or disappointed, I tend to be sarcastic. It’s not because I don’t respect the author and the hard work but because I write reviews before my feelings have calmed the fuck down. I can take the blame for doing that and I think I should stop it. Hahaha I might even ranting on myself but thank God I know the difference between hating and disliking and I don’t do hate. I even encourage people to read the books I didn’t like because you never know. I might not like but you might do so who am I to say ‘Hey, don’t read that book because was not good.’ NO! Read the book and let me know what you think. I say what I feel but you might feel differently.

Anyway, don’t hate because nothing good came out of hating.

35 thoughts on “[Rant Tuesday] Book Haters

  1. True. Hate is a strong word. And it is very unjustifiable. Why waste time hating on something when you could use that time to do something else? And just because one hates one thing doesn’t mean it’s universally loathed. 🙂

  2. Wow! Can I just say that I feel like screaming all that you said out loud. There’s another kind of people I hate, yes I use “hate” because I want to smash their heads with the same books they vomit crap about.

    The kind of people are non-readers who hate a book or an author just because someone else said it or there is a mass opinion on it. Like, why? If I said I don’t like you, would you start hating yourself?

    You don’t even read books, how the hell do you know you hate a particular book? How am I supposed to deal with your stupidity and God forbid how I control myself when they bash authors. Have you read their work? Do you know the efforts they put in the book? Do you have any goddamn idea how much this book means to them and how much it hurts to hear an idiot give their expert opinion on things they have no clue about?

    Why are some people so naive? :/ I feel sad. :/

  3. Completely agree! People who say they “hate” a book are just being lazy. They can’t be bothered to think about why they didn’t enjoy reading it and come up with some justified criticism, so they just shortcut to “hate” which, as you say, is ridiculous. How can you really “hate” a book? What did it ever do to you?! 🙂

  4. Wow, this was intense! I definitely don’t understand why people can say they hate a book, especially if they haven’t even tried reading or they have only read, say, one book in their lifetime so far.
    Gosh books are the most wonderful thing that could ever exist! Without books my life would be very different, I tell you. Very different.
    Great post! xoxo 💋

    • Bashing is indeed wrong and too much. Bashing the book without even reading it is worse. Thank you so much Aira for sharing your thoughts!
      Btw I love your name. It reminds me of fairytales~

      • That’s another thing I abhor! Bashing a book without even reading it. It’s so rude!
        Aww that made me really happy! 🙂 Thank you so much Lia ❤
        P.S. I saw that you love TVXQ. That makes me love you even more since I love kpop haha!

  5. Completely agree with you! I just hate it when someone completely bashes the book or the author or because simply hate it because they don’t like reading. That’s completely unjustifiable and plain rude. They should at least tell the facts why they didn’t like it instead of bashing and the later reason of hating a book, in my opinion is plain idiotic.

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