Confessions of the heart

I will probably delete this post later but I felt the need to speak from my heart.

I am not sure if anyone noticed but I was absent for almost the whole week. I didn’t mean to do it and I had no actual reason. My boyfriend had to be away this week because he had some business with his parents. He’d been away before and it was hard for me but this time I was just devestated. I don’t know if it has to do with my growing feelings but I was so worried about him and my mind was always with him and I didn’t feel like doing anything. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write, I didn’t want to go out, I didn’t want to eat and I couldn’t sleep. I was just missing him.

I had no idea that you could miss someone that much and it’s the first time that this happened and I swear that I don’t want to feel that way, ever again. I hate the fact that I was a mess because of a man and I hate that I love him so much, to the point that I can’t be without him. It’s so annoying but for some stupid reason I am so gratefull that I got to experience this. I think I am so lucky to have a man like him in my life.

I think feeling so bad is something I need to work on. I can’t keep doing to myself because obviously this won’t be the last time he will have to be away for any reason.

I am sorry for letting my feelings to get in the way and preventing me from doing something I also love. I promise to all of you that this won’t happen again and I’ll be a better person. I’ll work on my worries and my patience and I won’t allow anyone to stop me from living.

I am also sorry you had to read this.

32 thoughts on “Confessions of the heart

  1. Aww sweety! Don’t ever apologize for your feelings. Embrace them and grow with them. Never feel like you’re letting us down, because real life comes first!

    Stay strong~

    • Τhank you for understanding! Indeed real life comes first but I felt like I was so drawn to my feelings and I just couldn’t do anything else. This is a bit sad because it will affect my life if I keep drawning by my emotions. You’re absolutely kind and sweet. Thank you! ❤

  2. You really don’t have to apologise for having genuine feelings! And never say sorry. It’s definitely okay to miss someone you love, and like me there are so many others who love your blog, we aren’t going to leave your side juat because you haven’t posted. I hope you feel better soon. Take care. ❤

  3. Don’t be sorry for your feelings! Never ever! You’re so lovely. This post touched my heart and I definitely didn’t mind reading it. If it makes you feel good letting out your feelings here, do it! I’ll read it every time.
    And don’t feel bad because your feelings cause you not to function as normal. I’ve been having mass amount of problems with that lately.
    We love you so much, and keep your head up! If you ever want to vent, and I mean seriously VENT everything out, message me on Facebook! I’m always available. (Like seriously, always.)❤❤❤❤❤

    • Thank you Nicola, I appreciate your words and I so agree with you.. I never had problem showing my feelings because I believe this helps people to communicate and especially in relationship, don’t you think? I just feel so helpless and fragile when I am so drawn to my emotions and that prevents me from fanctioning. It’s awful!

      • I completely agree, if you can be open and communicate how you feel … it really does help in any relationship. I am also quite an emotional person and if something really affects me and causes anxiety, it can be crippling for those few days. So I really do get it 🙂 Do you feel any better today?

      • Yeah, I am already back to my usual self, thank you! I decided that I need to start loving myself as much as I love my boyfriend. I can’t be so fond of him to the point that I can’t fanction when he is away. Thank you again and I am glad you understand! ❤

  4. It’s pretty much normal for everyone to miss someone you love deeply and don’t ever feel sorry about how you feel.And Blog whenever you feel like it there’s no rush here cause we’ll always be with you.Take care! 😀

  5. I can’t relate to your feelings, but I think you shouldn’t feel sorry for what you feels. And I think being able to experience that kind of feeling is awesome! I’ve always read about it in fiction and I think it’s beautiful 🙂

  6. Firstly, I absolutely agree with all the previous comments: if you feel it, then there’s a reason for it. There’s nothing wrong about that, and you should never apologize for it! And then, from my humble experience of being for a long time in a long distance relationship, I only have one thing to tell you: be strong 🙂 There will be bad moments like this week you had, and I know it is not easy, but you have your friends and also your blog-friends to keep you strong! Focus in that wonderful thing you have with your man, love, and think about how lucky you are of sharing it 🙂

    • Long distance relationships are for the really brave. Thank you so much, I appreciated everything you said and for your advice. I am glad that I have this blog and all of you as friends. ❤

  7. I can’t relate to your feelings, but I definitely understand how you feel. I’m sure it’s really tough, but you’ll be okay. And besides it’s normal to feel this way so don’t feel bad for feeling that way. Long distance relationships aren’t easy though I’m not speaking for myself, but it’s possible!You just have to remain strong and be optimistic. And it’s normal to miss someone like crazy. I mean if you didn’t it just means you don’t care. HAHA But you’ll be fine Lia! You can do this! ❤

    • I am not in a long distance relationship and maybe that is why I find it difficult when he is away but I decided that this was it. Feeling that way makes me really weak and fragile and I hate this. I hate that I am so fond of a person to the point I stop living for myself. This is really really wrong and it makes me mad as well. I love my boyfriend so so so much but I think I should start loving myself as well. Because in the end I have to live with myself forever. Thank you Erika for spending time to read my thoughts. You’re so amazing! ❤

      • Oh I’m so sorry I must have read wrong. Please excuse my mistake and misunderstanding. What you feel is normal though, but at least now you know. 🙂 It takes a lot of strength not to miss the person you love so much. But I would say distract yourself with things that will keep your mind off him..well at least something that won’t make you feel depressed or angry. Go on a hike, read a book, meditate..HAHA idk I’m terrible at giving advice right now. I don’t know if this is related to your problem but I’ve always been told to love myself first before loving others. I think it’s okay to be dependent on someone, but don’t make it that your whole life revolves around that person. It’s a good thing to be apart sometimes I think..You learn to do things and be okay on your own even if it’s a short period of time. Wishing you all the best Lia! ❤

      • No, please don’t apologize! Your advice is actually great and thank you. You’re right and I need to love my self more. Not to be selfish but just to care for my self.

  8. that was so sweet… love does that, makes you fall hard and makes you miss him at once. I know the feeling, it’s fleeting yet exciting 🙂 don’t worry, i’m sure your boyfriend also misses you and feels the same way about you 🙂

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