[VS Battle Saturday] Stand Alone Books VS Book Series

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Hello my darlings! Saturdays are getting popular here in BookLand because of these VS battles and I am just so excited everytime I am back with a new battle for you. Today I am here to ask your thoughts about a dilemma many readers are dealing with.

Stand Alone Books

These are either completely stand alone books or spin-offs from other book series, Either way we have one complete story in one single book. That is really awesome if you can’t read to much and you want to read something quick and easy. Usually contemporary books are stand alones but there are a couple of paranormal books that do the job fantastically as well. I personally like quick stories when I am so tired of too long, never-ending series and I need a break. It’s like the sun after raining too much and it feels great!


Book Series

Book series can be a precious, enjoyable treasures or a serious pain in the ass. I mean if the story is good and you can’t have enough of it and you need more and more books, it’s just amazing. But if the sequels are failures and disappointing then you just regret picking up a series. But how do you know if you will like the series? Are you willing to take a risk and pick a long series, just to read half of it? I do. Sometimes I just don’t care if I will be able to read all books. I just pick one and read it and then if it’s not to my taste I just drop it. I like series because they give me the feeling that they will last forever and the more details I read about the world the characters live in the more I excited I get. Book Series can be tiring but they’re are just a sweet temptation.

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What about you? Are you fan of both or you specifically prefer one of these and why? Let me know and let’s have an interesting conversation!

18 thoughts on “[VS Battle Saturday] Stand Alone Books VS Book Series

  1. I like both XD I have a lot of favorite standalones and a lot of favorite series. I can’t say i like one more than the other because I think it depends on the story. Anyway, I love your Saturday Battle XD It’s an awesome feature πŸ™‚

  2. I love both, but I lean more towards book series! I just feel that nowadays, I get said after readinf a standalone, knowing there’s nothing continuing on from the first book – this is what I’m calling “book series fever”.
    But I love being immersed in a story throughout multiple books! xoxo

  3. I like bookseries more because I feel like you get more attached to the characters. You get to know more about them and you can spend more time with them. That’s mostly for fantasy series and sci-fi/dystopian series. Contemporary books are better as stand alones.

  4. I personally think both has different to offer. Standalones and series has it pros and cons for me. When I read a standalone novel I usually end up wanting more especially if it’s good. In a series sometimes a standalone is all you need unless maybe depending on the genre. I agree with Raven’s comment that contemporaries are best at standalones while fantasy, paranormal, or dystopia are best at series. The only downside to a series for me is that you have to wait at least a year or even longer for the next installment! Gosh I hate waiting. HAHA

    • Oh god, who doesn’t hate waiting? Sometimes I even hate my self for picking new series to read instead of already finished. Why are we doing this?? Thanks for sharing your opinion Erika! ❀

      • Oh my goodness I suffer from this as well! I like to start new series even though the first book is the only one out so far and then I start complaining of having to wait. Haha kind of my fault…. Ughh it’s just there’s so many good books out there. πŸ™‚

  5. I love a series because I often feel like stand alones leave me wanting more or sometimes they’ll try to tie up all the loose ends in a stand alone but that often just feels like a round up whereas in a series it can happen more naturally! ☺️xoxo

    • I understand what you mean. Yeah usually I am not satisfied from stand alones as well but sometimes that depends on the size. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  6. I definitely agree with you, book series can be a pain when the sequels just don’t live up to the first one. I must admit, I didn’t really start reading series until recently anyway. I do love them, but I think I’m more of a stand-alone type of girl! I love immersing myself in this one story, and then thinking it over and coming up with my own interpretation of where the characters’ lives may have gone after the story ended. I also love re-reading my favorite stand-alones, because I always notice something I didn’t really pay attention to when I come back to it. I do love my series, but stand-alones will always be my favorite! πŸ™‚

    • Great choice and I understand what you mean. Sometimes I find a book so interesting and when I realize that there are about 4-5 more books I drop it immediatelly. I can’t read too long series but I’m also thirsty for more sometimes. So I guess a trilogy is the perfect solution. Thanks for sharing your opinion honey!

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