[Blog Goals Wednesday] Progress and new goals

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It feels so good to actually have time to work on my blog and follow your posts. I had been neglecting this poor blog lately because of my never-ending vacation.

Also a lot of things have been going on with my life and it has been tiring. It wasn’t like bad thing were happening, just stresfull things that needed my attention. Hopefully it will be quiet from now on because I seriously need peace of mind.

previous goals

~ Draft posts for the whole week so that I can be prepared for anything ~

I’ll be away again this week. Please don’t kill me, it’s too hot to stay away from the beach. 

This helped me a lot and made my life easier. I’ll keep doing in case I get busy.

~ Review two books ~

I think I can manage that. I’ll have plenty of time to read. 

Remember by Shannon Dermott and Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

~ Get to know you better by friending you in other social media. ~

I am going to spam your lives, everywhere! 

I tried my best to add many of you. I’ve made some research but many of you haven’t link other social media to your blogs. If you wish to be my friend and get to know me more as a person then feel free to track me down in the account below.

Facebook [BookLand] [Personal]

(please let me know in a message who you are because I don’t accept random people)

Goodreads [Personal]

Twitter [BookLand] [Personal]

(my personal account is not that active lately)

Instagram [Personal]

(do you think I should create one for my blog??)

weekly goals

~ Work on my blog ~

I need to add and fix a couple of stuff.

~ Review three books ~

I have to take it to the next level and read three books a week. Depends on my free time though.

~ Reach 200 followers ~

I am so so so close.

11 thoughts on “[Blog Goals Wednesday] Progress and new goals

  1. Congratulations on meeting all your goals! I love that you set yourself these small goals every week. And I love that you are doing your best to connect with bloggers on their other social medias! It’s fantastic!
    And good luck with reaching 200, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE IT! 💖

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