[Rant Tuesday] Love Triangles

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Ah it’s finally Tuesday! Are you guys as excited as I am on Tuesday’s? Probably not because you’re all so sweet and kind. I am a very very mean person ready to rant on anything and I enjoy it more than I should. (I also enjoy negative reviews sometimes, especially when the book is reaaally bad. How awful am I?)

Anyway today’s lovely theme is Love Triangles.

Why are they even exist is books and what’s the purpose? I still don’t understand. Sometimes I feel like the authors can’t come up with an actual plot obstacle and they just mix a love triangle to spice the story up. That’s just wrong. Ok I definitelly admit that I have enjoyed a couple of triangles but I was still new to reading and I was also young.

There are love triangles were the third person happens to be in love with the heroine and the heroine obviously is in love with the hero. Well, I don’t mind these because shit happens all the time in real life as well. There’s always someone that might be rejected so it’s only natural.

Usually I hate the triangles that the heroine can’t decide who she wants to be with. Seriously this is so stupid. With the exception of keeping them both on purpose, it’s easy to choose one and stick with him. If it won’t work out then you know that it wasn’t meant to be and that’s life. Keeping in your life two guys and playing with their feelings just because ‘you love them both’ is by far the most insanely fucked up thing to do.

No! You can’t share the same feelings for two people because they’re different and it’s for sure that one makes you happier than the other. Chose that one and leave the other alone.

Lately authors tend to write more and more about this kind of love triangle and it makes me so mad. The heroine has to choose between the mysterious new guy and her long-time best friend who happens to have feelings for her. Oh my god, choose the mysterious guy because your friend was friendzoned for some reason all these years.

If that’s not the case then it will be again the mysterious new guy and the long-time crush. Well, again choose the mysterious guy immediatelly because your crush remained just a crush for some reason.

Do you understand where I am going with this? The decision is easy and the love triangle is synonym to unnessecary drama.

Don’t write about love triangles anymore because there are so many other interesting subjects. Choose something new, make it your and be succesful.

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I seriously can’t wait to know your thoughts about love triangles. It can’t be that I am the only one who thoroughly dislikes them.

** Check out Daniela’s [Books to get lost in] blog post about Love Triangles. She focuses in a different aspect than me and it’s interesting.

24 thoughts on “[Rant Tuesday] Love Triangles

  1. I totally agree! I hate reading a love triangle when EVERYONE reading the book knows from like the first chapter who she’s going to end up with. I especially hate when that carries over multiple series instalments. However I will admit to sometimes loving a book or series that has a love triangle like Throne of Glass or Raven Boys (but both their love triangles were sorted out by like the end of the first book). Great post πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah and what I hate about it is that the author makes the other person in the triangle the bad guy even if he/she is so likable at the start just so the reader will root for the remaining two.

  3. I only have problems with love triangles, when I personally cannot decide who I love more; but I do hate it when there’s a clear winner in a love triangle, but the heroine cannot decide. It frustrates me so much! But then I think about how I can’t decide sometimes when it comes to other love triangles, and I hang my head in shame.

    • I think that’s because you’re not the person who has to choose. In real life I bet that the decision would be easier. We’re on the safe side and we even get to support and ship couples or we don’t care who’s the one because it’s not out lives. I hope I don’t sound weird. I can’t completely express myself in english.

  4. There are some instances to which I like love triangles. They are kind of a guilt pleasure of mine… I love the tension and the getting to know each character and debating with my brain on who I think the main character should end up with. But some are just so cringeworthy that it makes me want to get a little violent. Especially when they use really obvious tropes of characters! Ugh.

    • Yup, I agree. There are triangles that I admit I’ve enjoyed more than I should have. If the author is talented then I guess I can easily accept anything, even cliches and stereotypes. But that’s rare. Thank you Josie ❀

  5. I like reading love triangles but not the annoying ones where she has to choose between the new bad boy and the best friend I totally hate them when we already know who’s she’s gonna choose at the end.I absolutely hate female protagonists who admits that she likes both guys but she can’t decide which one to choose. LOL! She is so greedy πŸ˜€

  6. This post is so on point! I totally agree: if character A is just in love with character B, but character C is in love with A, there’s nothing wrong with that! That’s realistic. BUT WHO IS IN LOVE WITH TWO PEOPLE EQUALLY. I mean, if it happens to one girl, ok. But it happens to probably at least a 100 YA protagonists (at least it feels that way). Bless this post and A+ gif use

  7. Similarly, I’ve come to dislike/hate love triangles as I read more. They just seem to appear too often. However, I won’t dwell on the negative since other commenters have mentioned it.
    I think a good way to spice up a love triangle would be to add an LGBT element so it looks like a complete triangle (less V) or have the two suitors find people who won’t string them along and the protagonist is left without a relationship. If there HAS TO BE a love triangle, I’d just love to see a different take on it.

    • That’s quite and interesting opinion and I agree with you. If it has to be a triangle then it would be better if there was a new element to spice it up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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