[VS Battle Saturday] Werewolf Books VS Vampire Books

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I think now that I am completely done with vacation (I came home yesterday) I can focus on my poor neglected blog. Since it’s Saturday already and I didn’t manage to come up with a proper specific battle, I’ll go with a more loose subject.


Personally I am more into werewolves. The whole mating thing, the pack, the loyalty and the strength they have to show off in order to be leaders intrigues me. Usually most of the werewolf books are written that way and they emphasize all these subjects. Well, most of the times where there’s a werewolf, there’s also a vampire.








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What about you though? Would you prefer to read a vampire book or a werewolf book and why? Let me know!

17 thoughts on “[VS Battle Saturday] Werewolf Books VS Vampire Books

  1. Nice topic! Werewolves are so admirable with their great sense of loyalty. I like a story with both in it like The Infernal Devices or The Mortal Instrument. I love how each “specie” interact 😀

  2. I really like the vampire genre. But my opinion is biased because I’ve never really read books about werewolves, only those with small aspects of them. I love the House of Night series so much, it was my childhood series! xoxo

    • I still haven’t read the House of Night series. The books I’ve mentioned are just random popular books. I haven’t even read Twilight. It’s ok to be biased sometimes though! Thanks for sharing your opinion Josie.

  3. I love Vampire Fiction books.I also like reading werewolves genre too.Prince of wolves is one of my favorite books.Except Bitten and Shiver I’ve read all the books you’ve mentioned.If you look at My Reading shelf you’ll find Vampire shelf with more books than any other shelf. Great Post! 😀

  4. I think I’m more for vampires in theory, and more for werewolves in practice. Classically, and oversimplified, I opine that vampire legend is more of an assault on human character, where werewolf lore more often confronts human nature, and I find studies of character more enticing. However, in modern practice, many people who tell vampire stories have fallen into an inescapable Rice-hole of Victorian romance brought “up to date” through ham-handed Gothic frippery. There are examples of vampires done better than this, but, like good songs on a playlist my little sister makes for me, they are greatly outnumbered.

  5. I’m a huge vamp fan. I like the over-romanticized goth fashion and general mythology more than with wolves, but then again I am not super well read in the wolves category.

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