[Review] Remember by Shannon Dermott

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Death is a killer and not to those who’ve died but for those that survive. It’s also an opportunity to change.

I’ve resigned to my place in the shadows until the one person in the world that matters to me more than my own life is taken from me. Then I meet him.

He’s everything I’m not.

Tall, dark, face like an angel, mouth like a sinner and tattoos and piercings to rival that of rock gods, in one word, he’s cocky. And he comes with his own personal fan club, great. (as I secretly apply to be president, okay maybe not)

Only our every meeting is suspect. I’m left to wonder why he only ever turns up when my life is headed south, backwards or upside down. His explanations are shady, and his hot and cold give me whiplash. But his lips on mine burn and take me places I’ve never been.

If only I can trust him. If only he reveals what he is? Then hopefully we won’t end up on opposite sides of a frienemy line, and I’m forced to take him down. Worse case is that he’s already planned to take me out first and not on a date, but in a dead kind of way.

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Arc kindly provided by the publisher, via netGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Remember is one of these books you have high expectations because of the interesting blurb and cover and then you get to read it and you realise how disappointing it is. I ended up having a headache and my nerves broken.

Writing Style

I can’t really say that I have a lot of complaints about the writing style. I mean, the book was easy to read, written in first person POV, without complicated sentences and difficult words. As an international reader, with flawed english skills I could easily follow. The physical description of the characters was awesome and I could picture them perfectly. I was alsmost satisfied. What bothered me a lot was that many scenes weren’t described fully and they didn’t make sense at all. They needed more details and work to be decent.

Plot/World building

I’ll start witht he fact that the story was predictable in many ways. Especially the romance; I knew what was coming and I wasn’t surprised not even once. The book starts and three HOT guys are head over heals for the heroine. COME ON! Why? Too much testosterone and too mainstream.

This is so passe and outworn and authors should try something new.

If you choose to ignore that, you still can’t enjoy the book. The pace is so slow and you have to reach the 88% of the book to remember that you’re reading a paranormal young adult book instead of a contemporary, high school drama. That’s not cool, okay? I’ve chosen to read the book because I was in the mood for ya pa.

Speaking of paranormal! In this universe there are shifters, vampires and angels/nephilim. I was excited because it has been a while since the last time I read about these kinds. The the author just ruins it by mixing them, writing about hybrids and curses and then a prophecy I still don’t understand what it is about. Why? Because I received all the information in the last 12% of the book. NO! That’s just wrong.

I get that the author tried to make something unique and impressive out of mainstream stuff but she failed big time. Keep it simple girl. If you haven’t figured out what you want to write and there’s a mess in your head then stick to the usual “normal” paranormal stuff.


All three basic characters were extremely boring and predictable and not to mention how annoying they were. The book goes straight to my ‘annoying characters’ and  ‘no no no no” shelves.

Charlie is obviously an insanely beautiful, 17-yearls old girl but of course she refuses to believe that she is and she dresses like a tomboy. She is just so different that the other ‘trashy’ girls. I hate when this happens. I hate hate hate hate it. Why would all girls be unworthy but the female lead?

I was this close to just dnf the book but I was so curious to see where this was going so I had to go on. So dear Charlie fell in love faster than the speed of lighting with mysterious Peter (who was not so mysterious after all) but she couldn’t decide if she wanted to be with him or with her former best friend Alex who ‘loved’ her since childhood but was in a relationship with another girl. I get that she was confused because she was afraid that a relationship would ruin their friendship and all. What I didn’t get was that she was sending him away with words and a minute later she would be all over him, touching him and provoking him. Then she would feel guilty because she also liked Peter and that was on repeat the whole book.

Alex was cute and friendly at first. He was treating his girlfriend just fine and he was keeping his distance. When we were introduced to Peter, he suddenly turned jealous without having the right to be and overprotective. Dude you have a girlfriend and you were rejected so mind your own business. He did stuff I didn’t approve in order to win Charlie’s heart and he kept too many secrets. No me gusta.

Peter on the other hand was dark and supposedly mysterious at first. Later he turned out to be predictable and boring. He was also bipolar. He was flirting with Charlie and when she was flirting back he was accusing her for doing so and he was repeating that it wasn’t right for them to flirt. Then he flirted again.


I am disappointed and angry. The story started sometime near 80% of the book and then I was overflowed by too much information and I couldn’t comprehend what I was reading. I still didn’t understand about the prophecy and I am not going to read it again in order to do so. I am done with this book.


[Shannon Dermott]

Shannon first love was reading, diving into other realities to explore and brave new worlds. To share her writing is the best experience of all. She writes both young adult, new adult and adult fiction. When Shannon isn’t writing she loves to shop and watch horror movies that make turning out the lights seem like a stupid idea. You can explore more about her at her website www.shannondermott.com. She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and her blog www.shannondermott.net.

8 thoughts on “[Review] Remember by Shannon Dermott

  1. I don’t think I could have finished this book. It does sound really, really bad.
    And really, what is it with this special snowflake “I am different than all the other girls and way better”?

  2. The worst thing is going into a book after the blurb has got you all excited to read it and realise that it really didn’t live up to what you hoped for.
    And the love triangle thing you mentioned? So typical! So overused. The best friend vs the mysterious brooding male? Gosh, I think we’ve seen enough of that!
    Great review. xoxo

  3. Books like this can mentally affect you. LOL!
    This one seems like too much drama overdose. I’ve gone through this problem with so many books in which half of the book made me feel that I’m reading a contemporary novel but in actual fact I was reading a Paranormal novel.I also hate books that has all the exciting parts written at the end.Anyways, Great Review! 😀

    • I’m sorry I didn’t like it. Hope my review wasn’t offensive and I am glad you’re one of these authors who actually understand that people can have different opinions. Your writing style and descriptions are awesome and I’ve mentioned that. Keep writing because I’m sure there are people who love your books more than me. I promise I’ll try some of your other books.

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