[VS Battle Saturday] The Hunger Games VS Divergent

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Recently I had this conversation about Hunger Games and Divergent and I mentioned that I prefer Divergent over Hunger Games. I hadn’t read any of the series when I watched the movies but Hunger Games was disappointing because of the cast and the plot so I dropped the idea of reading the book. Divergent on the other hand had awesome cast and world building and excited me to the point I read the book immediatelly after watching the movie. Maybe I should have read both series before favoring one of the two but I felt that way. Please don’t hate.

So this week’s VS battle is about your own opinion. If you had to choose between these two dystopian book series, which one would be your choice?

The Hunger Games

by Suzanne Collins

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The thrilling trilogy expertly described by Suzanne Collins. You enter a future world where every year two tributes from each district are thrown into an arena expected to fight to the death or get knocked out by other means. Only one can survive.



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One choice can transform you. Veronica Roth’s #1 New York Times bestselling debut is a gripping dystopian tale of electrifying choices, powerful consequences, unexpected romance, and a deeply flawed “perfect society.”

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Can’t wait to hear your opinion!!

44 thoughts on “[VS Battle Saturday] The Hunger Games VS Divergent

  1. I would choose Divergent over Hunger Games(Please don’t chase after me with a pitchfork). I’ve never read Hunger games but I like the movies. I’ve read the first two books of Divergent but not the finale yet.In case of movie adaptation I would go with Divergent movies cause I think they are really amazing than Hunger games.Anyways, I love watching both the movies.I’m so glad Lia that you feel the same way too 😀

    • I as well have read the two books and not the third yet. I think I like to compare the movies with the book and so I plan o reading the third one after I watch the movie! It’s so nice that we have the same taste and opinion! Thank you for reading~ ❤

  2. for me the experience was just the opposite. I’ve watched both the first movies, and The Hunger Games I was curious to know more, so I read the books. Divergent nah, it just didn’t do it for me, so I have 0 intentions to pick up the book… and I disliked Insurgent even more… =/

  3. I have only read the first book in the hunger games and 2 books in the Divergent series (I got spoiled, and that makes me drop the series). If I have to choose, I’d choose THG. I like Katniss more (seriously I hate Tris XD) but maybe my opinion will change after I finished the trilogy because I heard it gets borin and Katniss is so hatable? Sth like that. 🙂

  4. I definitely prefer THG. I love love love that trilogy so much but the Divergent trilogy was just okay in my opinion, especially the second and third.

    • I haven’t read the third one yet so I don’t know. Maybe if I read the books I’ll get to like THG as well, who knows? Thank you for letting me know your opinion! 🙂

  5. I’ve read all the books in both trilogies. With the films, I’ve only seen the first Hunger Games movie and I thought they did a good job.
    Based on the books alone then, I’d say The Hunger Games. Divergent and Insurgent are just ok and then Allegiant isn’t that good. The last installment of The Hunger Games is the weakest, but overall I think the characters are more engaging.
    I have heard really good things about the Divergent movies though – I’d like to see them! 🙂

    • I enjoyed Divergent more, even though I liked THG movies as well. I didn’t like the cast that much. Yeah you should do a Divergent weekend some time. Maybe you’ll like them. Thanks for letting me know your opinion!

  6. I honestly really like both, I don’t think I can pick. The Hunger Games had me at the edge of my seat, hungry for more and more of the action. The Divergent trilogy had me so intrigued and yearning to know what was going on and how Tris was going to solve it. I cannot decide! They were both so good!

  7. I’ve read all of the books in both series and I’ve seen all of THG movies and only the first Divergent movie. I prefer THG because I flew through those books and even though people say Mockingjay is the worst in the series, it’s my favorite (don’t ask why, it’s been forever since I’ve read it). I read Divergent really fast, but Insurgent took me months to read, and then Allegiant killed the series for me. I think both series have their merits, but I don’t really have any strong opinions either way.

    • It doesn’t matter what people say, what matters is what you say and believe. Our differences bring us closer as species. Thank you for letting me know your opinion.

  8. I would definitely choose Divergent over The Hunger Games. When I read The Hunger Games books, I loved them, but as a couple of years went by, and when I re-read Mockingjay, I realized that it just wasn’t as appealing as it was the first time around. I love Divergent because of the fact that the characters are fighting for who they are, not just for their lives. They are fighting to discover what makes them who they are and how that helps them in the society. It is also super refreshing that there is not a specific, focused love triangle in the Divergent series. It’s definitely above The Hunger Games for me!

      • Oh no, definitely not shallow! I completely agree with what you said, the world building in Divergent is just so much better than The Hunger Games…sometimes it’s even dull and plain in THG. And while I do love Jennifer Lawrence, Divergent definitely had a great cast that went beyond the main character. I definitely understand why you prefer Divergent!

  9. If you asked me this a few years ago, I might have been having a hard time choosing myself. I have already read Hunger Games two years before I got Divergent. At first, I thought Divergent was a rip-off, Tris was trying hard to be a Katniss, but I already liked Four, then. I preferd Hunger Games at first, because of Peeta and Gale and I thought Katniss was the bomb! Plus it was made into a movie and Liam Hemsworth was there, which was a big factor for me! And then I read Divergent all over again and fell in love with Four the second time around. When I watched the movies, I realized I loved Divergent even more. It had more depth, more action, more feelings, more believable factor. So now, I guess it’s safe to say that I like Divergent than HG.

    • People who prefer Divergent talk about feelings and depth and I think I feel like reading THG just to compare them. I already know that Divergent is more than just a dystopian book full of action but I have to know for a fact about THG. Thank you for telling me your opinion! 😀

  10. For me it really depends because you can mean you prefer one over the other in so many different ways. In both trilogy cases I read the books first, then watched the movies, but this isn’t about which book to movie adaptation we like better so I will not talk about that as they don’t affect my opinion of the books.

    As a whole, The Hunger Games is a more structured trilogy. Unfortunately many fail to see its depth or cannot connect with Katniss who, to them might seen boring/uninteresting/plain, is actually a 16 year old thrust into the worse possible situation in her verse. I found myself relating to Katniss quite often throughout the books. She doesn’t make the best choices, she’s flawed and unsure and, for many reasons, isn’t interested in romance. Some headcanon her as aromantic asexual which could possibly explain a lot about her on this subject. But as a whole, the trilogy is well thought and well-written and exciting. Katniss and Peeta are both well developed characters that do get character development as the series progresses. Unfortunately The Hunger Games isn’t exaclty a dystopian universe you would want to live in, so that is easy to put one off.

    The Divergent trilgoy, however, follows a much more relatable setting. The factions could feel something like the Hogwarts Houses. You wonder where you would be and what choice you would make when your time game and why. This creates an illusion that the Divergent universe is ‘better’. Tris is easily relatable for never really fitting in where she grew up. That calls for instant identification with the protagonist and what teenager doesn’t feel like they don’t quite fit in? It’s very interesting to see her choose Dauntless and how despite her disadvanges (this got blurred in the movie sadly) like being short and kind of tiny and not really having muscles to work with, she stives and she falls in love and she has her insecurities especially about this. And even though Tris is a Divergent, she doesn’t have to be the ‘face’ of a revolution like Katniss. She does what she does on her own accord. It is her choices and her own drive (flawed as that may be because she is a teenage girl). The problem with Divergent, although, an absolutely AMAZING universe by Veronica Roth who I admire and look up so so so much, is that it’s not as well structured. I read Divergent and Insurgent at least twice (Allegiant once) and I still feel things missing. Or there’s some things that aren’t expressed in the way Roth actually wanted. Maybe it was rushed. It happens, especially with younger authors and it’s fine, but Divergent was absolutely awesome and exhilirating followed by Insurgent which was pretty good and less exhilirating and then Allegiant which was kind of … well… alright.

    The Hunger Games books climaxed more and more towards Mockingjay while the Divergent trilogy did not (does not). Divergent could easily win, if it only was more structured and thought out.

    As a trilogy, THG wins this. As relatable characters or accesible universes go, Divergent wins. Where would I want to live if I could choose? Divergent, obviously.

    Also, let’s take into account that these are teenage girls in very unlikely situations. And also very different dystopian settings.

    PS So sorry for my riduculously long comment. I don’t even know how… well I do, I love both trilogies for different reasons.

    • I actually enjoyed your answer the most because you’ve read everything and you have the full picture. It is quite difficult to be able to make a choice when both books are so different in many ways. I want to explain that I didn’t make this in order to prove that one is better than the other because we can’t compare books in general. I just made this post so that I can see which one people would prefer in general for fun. Hope you also understand. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

      • Well yes, of course. It’s very interesting choice. A hard one. I see these trilogies as if you read one, you will probably enjoy the other too. 😀 And I’m glad I could provide a different opinion.

  11. PPS I see people talking about feelings and depth in Divergent and claim THG is flat… This is wrong. Both trilogies are written in first person perspective and Tris is much more emotional than Katniss as a person. Because of Katniss’s refusal of certain emotional things many feel that there’s no depth, but the fight in THG and the cause are very different from the cause and fight in Divergent. THG does have a political play into it. It’s about the power Snow and the Capitol has over everyone else. It’s about curruption of a different level something that I believe is relatable. Just think of corrupt politician, abuse of power from the rich for their convenience resulting in furhter oppression of middle and working classes. It’s about society. Divergent is already a structured society that was built like this. It’s almost idealistic, wishing to be utopic thought is nothing but. Yes, we do have the Erudite leader wanting the power, but it all centers around the fight for the truth and for equality in a way, rather than oppression as we see it in THG. I don’t want to post spoilers since this is something from Allegiant… but Divergent is a sci-fi dystopia while THG is not. This doesn’t make one less than the other or the characters reasons and causes to fight any less.

    • I don’t really know about the books but the movie was not flat. I could see how everything affected Katniss and how difficult it was for her. I don’t really care about the romance because that was not the point of the movie at least. I mean I didn’t felt that the romance was missing because I didn’t care. Thanks again~

      • Things would be so different if THG and/or Divergent weren’t written in first person perspective. Sometimes I catch myself wondering how they would be? Maybe more like the movie? Maybe not? I do think THG works from first person a lot better than it would from third.

  12. I’d go with Hunger Games. Divergent has an equally good basis and universe but I think Hunger Games develops its universe in a better way, focusing more on the politics and propaganda etc. Its a close one though. Just published a review of the first Divergent film on my page funnily enough be great to get your thoughts. Cheers!

  13. I’m way more into Divergent series and love the factions. Also Hunger Games was directly ripped off from the Japanese film “Battle Royale”. Hunger Games lost its momentum and intrigue after the first book.

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