[Event] The Traveling Notebook: Bookbloggers around the world

travelling notebook4

Hosted by Lia [Bookland] and Josephine [Josie’s Book Corner]. A Notebook left Greece in order to reach Australia. First it has to pass from the hands of bookbloggers around the world and be filled with much love and book related stuff. So get inspired and do your magic in order to fill all the pages!


[BookLand Event Page] – [Josie’s Book Corner Event Page]

The Rules:

★When you receive the notebook, share the experience on your blog, using the logo for the event.

★ Thank the blogger who sent you the notebook, linking back to their blog and their event post.

★ Link back to the creator’s information page.

★ Fill one page of the notebook with any bookish related stuff of your choice! Get creative, we want to get to know you! (Don’t share this in the post)

★ Pick and mention the next blogger you will be sending the book to in your post (this must be someone from the list of bloggers which will be released and listed on this page on the 1st of August)

★ When the notebook is full, or you are the last blogger on the list, send the book to Josephine [Josie’s Book Corner]

My experience:

Since I am the first, there’s not much to see. The person to receive the notebook will be the one to reveal my notes. I am very excited and I can’t wait my notebook to be around the world. I need to thank Josie again for being such a great partner/co-host and all of you participants for your help.

Notebook’s next destination:


Olivia [The Candid Cover] will be the first to receive the Notebook! Take a look at her awesome blog.

Thank you Olivia ❤


If you wish to be part of this, it’s not too late. Fill the form in Josie’s info page and you will be in line to receive the notebook as well. Join our event and have fun with us.

13 thoughts on “[Event] The Traveling Notebook: Bookbloggers around the world

  1. Thank you for sending the notebook to me, Lia! I just received it this afternoon and it was so exciting to receive! I will let you know when I have added my page and my blog post goes live! 😊

    • Oh wow I am so excited. The notebook was a bit poor but I couldn’t afford to also buy you a small gift event though I wanted to and I am sorry. Thanks again for participating. I can’t wait to see more bloggers receiving it.

  2. Such a great idea! I would love to join in but am going to be travelling between South Africa and Indonesia from December and wouldn’t know which address to use.

    • It will not be too late to join us later then. The notebook will be traveling for a long time and I guess when you have a more stable address you can still join! Thank you so much for liking our idea. Josie and I both appreciate it.

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