[Event] The Traveling Notebook is about to begin

travelling notebook4

Everything is ready! The Notebook has been bought and the first page is already filled with my love and many other cute, book related stuff. Tomorrow the journey begins!

I would love to thank Josephine [Josie’s Book Corner] for all the help the support. She was there with me and together we worked, step by step for this event.

If it wasn’t for her this would be just a failure since none of my followers joined. Please visit Josie’s Event Page and of course check out her wonderful blog.

I would also like to thank our first official participants! You guys are all awesome and your participation means a lot to both Josie and me. You are all precious~

*** If you also wish to be on the list then it’s not too late. The Notebook is big enough and there’s so much space for you. Feel free to join us. Comment below or in the official page and let me know that you wish to be part of this event! ***

Olivia Whetstone: candidcover@rogers.com

Melanie Barbosa: mel.barbosac@gmail.com

Vivian Yuan: greenandblue444@gmail.com

Isabella Priano: aetheristrux@gmail.com

Olivia Teague: thebookjarblog@gmail.com

Miriam Sorenson: englishmademoisellediaires@gmail.com

Aimal Farooq: aimal_farooq@hotmail.co.uk **IS ON VACATION UNTIL 15TH AUGUST, DO NOT SEND BOOK UNTIL THEN **

Gabi Mohrer: mohrerg@gmail.com

Kendra Allen: justmekendra@yahoo.com

Kerry Cross: kcross9.kc@gmail.com

Sydney Bollinger: sjobollinger@gmail.com

Krista Strouz: klstrouz@gmail.com

Amy Whittaker: amywikipeadia@gmail.com

Michelle Schulte: michelleschulte@live.nl

Alex Hale: alex.halehead@gmail.com

Jasmine Blackney: jazze_bee91@hotmail.com

Becca Stevenson: kumquot@comcast.net

Tanaz Masaba: tanazmasaba06@gmail.com

12 thoughts on “[Event] The Traveling Notebook is about to begin

    • Everything is explained in the event’s page! We’re thrilled to have you join us~ ❤ I'll be waiting for you to confirm your participation! Thank yoooou~

  1. So excited for this to start! Saw that someone notified you about vacationing, so I would like to do the same. I’ll be away until August 8th, which is not long from now, but I just wanted to tell you to make sure it would all work out. 🙂

    • Don’t worry about it. I’ll send the Notebook today to Canada so it won’t even be there till you’re back. I see you’re third in line to have the Notebook so you have time. Thank you so much for participating.

  2. This looks like loads of fun, hope it all goes smoothly for you all! Congrats on hosting such a successful real world notebook tour 😀

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