[Blog Goals Wednesday] Progress and new goals

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It was a delightful week and I am so happy to be here again on another Wednesday. I am so in love with blogging and I just hope to keep on doing that no matter what.

previous goals

~Be nominated for an award~

I am thankful for being tagged often but I wasn’t nominated for an award yet. 

Thanks to the kind Vivian [Outside Hook], I was finally nominated to an award. Look forward to it because it’s coming up next.

~Reach 100 followers~

Ι think I can do this! 

112 to be exact and I am thankful to every single one of you my sweethearts!

~Host an event~

Maybe I’ll find a co-host and have a partner in crime! 

I found my partner in crime, Josie [Josie’s Book Corner] and we’re ready! The event is coming soon…

weekly goals

~ Reach 150 followers~

Yeah I guess I can make it!

~ Write at least 2 reviews ~

Less blogging, more reading.

~Be in touch with more bloggers and make new friends.~

That’s what I love more about blogging!

14 thoughts on “[Blog Goals Wednesday] Progress and new goals

  1. I’m so glad you completed all your goals! That’s so awesome. And I’m glad I was one of the reasons for completing that goal. 😉
    And I hope that passion and love for blogging never fades away, its the best thing for you and you blog, which is amazing. xoxo

  2. Yay! It’s great that you’ve completed your goals. ❤ I'm now intrigued to see this event you have planned with Josie, ha ha. I'm so glad you're enjoying blogging; I hope your passion for blogging will not go away anytime soon. 🙂

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