[Rant Tuesday] Book-ish Stereotypes

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Hey guys, it’s finally Tuesday and I am able to rant on stuff that bother me. It feels so good when I get them out of my system. Today’s Rant is a special one because it’s not about just one thing but about all stuff in books that make no sense in real life. Let me explain what I mean.

◆ Good, virgin girl gets the bad guy. I mean, seriously? Why virgin? She could be a good girl without being a virgin and she could find a guy who isn’t that bad. I admit these stories are catchy and I enjoy reading them but they’re completely unrealistic and fake fairytales. No, the bad guy doesn’t really change because he never falls for good, virgin girl. The bad guy will find a nice, pretty girl, who probably is experienced and fall for her.

It does happen but it’s so rare and I think this kind of couples has extincted.

◆ All girls except the main lead and her friends are trashy. That’s not even possible. It can’t be that all girls, except the heroine, want the hero in their pants but they don’t care about him. It’s not right that there are authors who actually present girls to be easy and ready to be fucked just because but the heroine is a saint who knows how to resist her urges. Bite me, this doesn’t happen. Yes there are easy girls and there are also girls who know how to say no but it’s not just these two categories for crying out loud.

◆ Redheads are instantly sluts. That offends me a lot because I used to be a redhead for a great amound of time and I am telling you that I am not a slut. I love my boyfriend and I am loyal as hell. Anyway it happens that redheads are described as easy and slutty in many contemporary books and the ‘redhead’ comes out as an insult and it has to stop. I still love my blood-red hair and I don’t want to feel like I am a whore because I am not.

All sex related stereotypes. The couple always comes at the same time, the girl always enjoys her first time and she even comes, the dude is always huge and gifted and experienced. Why am I even bothering? I should just read them and enjoy them while knowing none of it it’s true. Sometimes I wonder if the authors have sex because if they do they should have known that what they write is nonsense. Well maybe their sex life is perfect and that’s why they write all these stuff. Maybe they write about the sex they wish they had.

I don’t really mean to sound offensive but I am ranting on these things because I am also curious. I apologize if I offended any of you for some reason but this is just my humble opinion and don’t forget that I also feel insulted by some stuff.

Thanks for reading!

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Do you agree or maybe disagree? Let me know why and let’s have a civilized conversation.

11 thoughts on “[Rant Tuesday] Book-ish Stereotypes

  1. LoL! I agree with all of these and they are the main issues I find in Contemporary romance these days.In almost every New-Adult and some Adult books you could see Manwhore who’s gone through hard life falling for the good girl which is getting pretty much old you know.It’s like they are recycled again with different titles lacking in originality. I find these issues mostly in New-Adult contemporary romance genres that’s why I’d mostly prefer to read fantasy or paranormal romance genres.

    • My thoughts exactly! Original plots are rare to find in NA contemporary romance and it’s really sad. I usually drop the contemporary books I read and If I am able to finish them I still don’t like them.

      • Yep! I’m getting very disappointed with New-Adult contemporary romance these days It’s all about sex and they are so much lacking in emotions and feelings that we are trying to find.

  2. Haha! Yes some of these are incredibly annoying tropes in contemporaries. Not everyone is instantly experienced, I think authors should promote that more than having everyone so perfect and experienced.
    And that stereotype of redheads is honestly the worst! Whenever I read things like that I myself get offended, for all the redheads out there. I LOVE red hair.
    And as for the rest, I couldn’t agree more with your opinions.
    Loved this rant! xoxo

    • Aw thank you for agreeing with me! And yes I believe that the realistic side of life should be promoted with a dose of fairytale and a happy end, because no matter what a book is a book!

  3. I totally agree with all of these! These tropes are too common and so annoying. Although the good virgin girl falling for the bad boy is fun to read about, there are way too many books using that trope. And the redhead one is terrible! I actually have several friends with red hair, and they’re wonderful people. It’s so rude to use those kind of stereotypes! Anyway, great post!

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