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Today’s top 5 idea came to me from a comment I made in the latest Monday’s Top 5. So yeah, today is all about love and couples! I bet we all favor a few couples more than the others and even if the book is not that good but the couple’s chemistry is, then the book is automatically better.


 Kyler and Sydney – Frigid by J.Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout)

Kyler and Sydney were best friends before they were lovers. I loved their chemistry and how they valued their friendship. They were both determined not to ruin their bond no matter what and to me, friendship is too important. They fought their feelings because they cherished each other and at the end they made it. All kinds of love are precious but friendship that turned out to be romance is amazing.


Penryn and Raffael – Penryn and the end of days by Susan Ee

This couple is a special one, don’t you agree? We didn’t see much romance in the three books but their interactions were enough to love them. They were loyal to each other but it was not that stupid, blind trust. It was something deeper that later  thrived and became love; love that saved the world.


Jennifer and Decebel – The Grey Wolves by Quinn Loftis

I was not into the series but more into the couple. I kept reading it because Jennifer and Decebel made one fine couple. Decebel was the alpha male and Jennifer was the stubborn untamed girl. It was so much fun reading about their romance because they didn’t even like each other at first. When they finally fell in love and mated, it was absolutely awesome!


Alex and Aiden – Covenant by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The most perfect forbidden love ever! Aiden and Alex weren’t supposed to fall in love but they did and nobody could stop them… not even death! They’re my second favorite couple because they knew the consequences of their love and yet they tried to make this work. They fought for the right to be in love and I was melting everytime they were interacting.


Maggie and Caleb – Significance by Shelly Crane

Oh come on, guys, you should have known me by know. The series and the couple are my ultimate favorites. Caleb and Maggie have the kind of love I wish I had with my boyfriend. The understanding, the feelings, the need, the mind-reading and the heart beating… Caleb and Maggie are for each other. They’re two halfs that make a whole. They’re perfect!

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What are you favorite couples? Do you know any of these?

8 thoughts on “[Monday’s Top 5] Favorite couples

  1. I definitely agree with Kyler and Sydney. I love the friends to lovers story and Frigid was one of the best ones I read, albeit the lack of communication between them in the book kind of irritated me. They had such great chemistry and know each other so well. It’s so not hard to root for them. 🙂

  2. I can only relate to your choice of Raffe and Penryn, they are an amazing couple, not just because their romance was the most thrilling and amazing thing to read over the course of the three books, but because of their loyalty to each other despite their hostility. And their banter was exceptional! I always looked forward to their conversations.

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