[Rant Tuesday] Alpha Males

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Oh no no no, don’t get me wrong, I like Alpha Males and I don’t mind them at all. I mean who doesn’t like an experienced, determined, hot male who knows life? I also enjoy when they are a bit possesive and jealous but I repeat, a bit.

What I don’t like is obsessed, demanding, psycopaths. Lately in contemporary books this is all I read about and I am seriously disappointed. Sexy billionaire’s in their late 20s with no brain and psycological problems, (like Grey) who try to control the girls, while they keep their lives a secret.


My dear girls, this is not sexy and mysterious;Β This is freaking dangerous and you should all stay away from dudes like these. Don’t believe what you read in books because this is no romance. Please, don’t be deceived by fairytales. (Not even close to fairytales but anyway.) It’s one thing for the guy to be an actual, in charge, Alpha Male but it’s another thing to allow someone to control your life. You can have your own opinion and you can do as you wish, without having a guy to tell you what you need to do.

Be yourself and be careful.

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Am I the only one who believes that this Alpha Male kind is absolutely wrong? Tell me your opinion and let’s have an interesting conversation.

20 thoughts on “[Rant Tuesday] Alpha Males

  1. I agree too. My friend (Shameeka, I think you know her) maintains that characters like Christian Grey are more mentally unstable than anything else. Nice to see people who agree πŸ™‚

  2. Yup. Some books push over the line and just get borderline creepsville. We shouldn’t promote it, because the result in the real world is not so pretty! I love that you called out on this! xoxo

  3. I completely agree! I love alpha males when they are written well and I mean not the domineering, crazy, Christian Grey type of alpha male. I don’t know why certain readers (well women in general) enjoy these kind of male heroes in romance novels. It’s so off putting. But then again only in fiction that such characteristics is supposedly acceptable and appealing. I just don’t get it….

    • I guess it is because women have the need to be the ones to change the wronged alpha male. They feel important and worthy when they do. I think that is why some women enjoy these kind of characters. Because in fiction it does end well but not in real life.

      • That is definitely a plausible explanation. Only in fiction can the bad boy change and our heroine gets a happy ending with him. However, it places unrealistic expectations. Maybe I’m just being a realist here and critical about alpha males in books, but I wished authors wouldn’t portray some of their actions as something “hot”. I mean I wouldn’t want to be told what to wear or what to eat. Moreover I may be wrong, and actually probably off topic right now, but usually in those books the heroine is “weak” and submissive. Just what I’ve noticed from reading books with alpha heroes.

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