[Monday’s Top 5] Favorite Covers

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We all judge a book by it’s cover sometimes right? I know I do and I admit that I have a thing about pretty covers, especially if I’m about to by the hardcover version of the book. Hardcover and pretty cover is an absolutely perfect and irresistable combination.

Today I am not adding any blurb or other information. I will just let you judge the book…


The feelings I have everytime I look at this cover is the only reason this is my number 5. For some reason it makes me feel safe. I mean, being in the arms of the person you love when chaos is happening is the perfect feeling. You know nothing else matters and this is why I love this cover. I also love the colors~


You were expecting this one, right? Us girls love that kind of dresses and bling bling. Yup, among the ‘Selection’ books, The Heir’s cover is my favorite.

I just love it. I love the colors, the eyes, the red hair and of course the dragon scales.


Perfect colors, perfect graphic design. I also adore the font which gives me the strict and dangerous feeling.


Dark colors and a phoenix made of fire, along with a perfect sky. All of these in a good graphic design that makes it realistic. I don’t see why this book souldn’t be my number one.

no. bonus

I also like these covers as well but it’s Top 5 so I had to put them aside. I couldn’t resist showing them to you though.


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What about your favorite covers? Is any of your favorite among mine?

10 thoughts on “[Monday’s Top 5] Favorite Covers

    • Wow Magonia’s cover is breathtaking and if I knew the books it would have been my number 1. I found it interesting and it’s the first book I’m reading after I’m done with my current read. Kiss Kill Vanish is also pretty with fresh and vivid colors!

    • What is this site exactly?? I think I love it already~ Red Queen is awesome but creeps me out. I liked Stitching Snow as a book and the cover is pretty as well. A Thousand Pieces of you, just… wow!

      • It’s a site to make lists!!!! You can bullet point and tick and it’s simple code, there’s categories you can choose or make, archive them or make them private, you can see easily see mine if you just leave my username there if you want a sample. If you love lists that’s the site you need in your life. πŸ˜€

        I totally picked A Thousand Piece of You for the cover, can’t wait for the second one too. ^^

  1. Sure. You just go on the person’s profile and under their name it says Follow *username*. You just click there. πŸ™‚ When someone updates lists and you follow then you can see it in your page on the top right side. ^^

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