[Rant Tuesday] Insta-Love

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If you already read my reviews then you know that I hate insta-love. A book, in which the two leads fall in love after meeting each other a couple of times, it’s absolutely not worthy of my time. Why? Because it’s not possible. You can’t love a person you don’t know. If you think you do, then you mistake your feelings because love is not just a feeling.

You love your family and your close friends, how can you put a person you’ve just met to the same level as these people? How can you say that you have similar feelings for a man you’ve just started dating? Do you even know what love is? So, let me ask you something, dear author. How can you make your character love someone so quickly? How can your 17-year-old female character possibly know that the boy she likes is her one true love and that she won’t fall in love again? That’s ridiculous.

I don’t know if this is just in my country, language or culture but when we say ‘I love you‘ to someone, it means ‘I love you‘ and not ‘I am in love with you‘. We have a different word about stating that we’re ‘in love‘ and it’s not even close to ‘loving‘ someone. So maybe when the authors use the ‘L’ word so easy, it’s because they confuse the meaning of the word. Maybe it’s because there is not a word somewhere in between ‘I like you‘ and ‘I love you’ to express these feelings in english language. But no matter what, there are actions to show how you feel. Don’t just rape the poor word without meaning it. Make your characters real, because it takes time to ‘fall in love‘ and even more time to ‘love‘.

(I can only accept some sort of insta-love in a paranormal book if there’s something like a bond or magic or similar stuff.)

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What’s your opinion about Insta-love? Do you enjoy these kind of books and why?

4 thoughts on “[Rant Tuesday] Insta-Love

  1. Insta-love especially among young adult books since they seem to be prevalent in this particular genre, is annoying and is one my biggest bookish pet peeves.

    I just don’t buy it. It’s so unrealistic and it just makes me think that all that matters is physical appearance. I prefer it when authors develop their relationships and not just have characters find someone attractive therefore, it equates to being in love with them..Like this….”hey you’re hot/good looking” therefore, I’m already in love with you. *rolls eyes* I think it’s more of lust at first sight than love at first sight, though that’s just me.

    I wish authors would stop writing romance like that.

  2. It drives me nuts when authors do this because all too often there is no logical explanation apart from how attractive the characters view each other to be. And similarly to Erika, I’ve taken to approaching it as insta-lust with very few exceptions. After all someone you meet at any point in your life is not going to look exactly the same in twenty years and I don’t think that most of us love our families based on the way they appear. We love our families because we know them, we have gone through good times and bad times with them and our opinions of them stay pretty similar throughout our knowing them. You can’t properly judge a person that you’ve just met and decide to suddenly hold them in as high of a regard as your family.

    Of course, that all changes if you don’t live in a good family environment. But book characters who experience “insta-love” often have perfectly fine families and thus often have much less of an excuse to feel attached or dependent on someone they’ve just met, no matter how attractive or unattractive they may be.

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