[Monday’s Top 5] Favorite female characters and how they look like in my mind

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It is true that us girls usually talk about our book boyfriends and we barely notice the female leads. Well basically we experience everything they do, especially if there’s a first person POV, and we put ourselves in their shoes. As a result we unconsiously ignore the fact that these heroines are the most important character of the book and we focus on the male leads. Today I am going to present my favorite female book charcaters, the reasons why I chose them and how they look like in my mind.


Maggie Masters/Jacobson – Significance by Shelly Crane

I know that Hollie Shay was casted for that role but she is not even close to how Maggie is supposed to look like. Maggie should be cute and and pretty with redish hair and cute freckles.

Why is Maggie my number 5?

That girl was normal and after she touched Caleb, her significant, her life changed. Suddenly she was important to a whole race of people and out of nowhere she even had enemies. Not to mention that later she found out she was actually THE visionary, the leader of Virtuoso. So, having to deal with the fact that people wanted her dead because they were afraid of her or that they insisted she should leave her significant and practically have half her soul taken it’s not simple. Maggie had to fight for her significant and demanded that they should treat Caleb as her equal. She had to fight in order to keep her people safe and modest because nature was punishing them by stoping the imprintings and she had to fight for her own life. Also she was a great mother and years later when people mistreated her kids and almost took her daughter’s significant, she had to start a war in order to finally earn the freedom her people deserved.


Layne Forrest – Elemental by Brigid Kemmerer

Brown mouse hair and pretty eyes. Cute, girly face in general and also glasses. I was unable to find a picture with glasses but I can imagine this one wearing a pair. She would be exactly like Layne.

Why is Layne my number 4?

Layne is the kind of girl who is always mistaken to be weak and fragile because of her geeky looks but she can prove everyone wrong. She is smart and kind, shy but definitely not weak. She was able to handle a guy like Gabriel Merrick and stood by his side when he needed someone the most. She managed to find kindness inside his heart and helped him present his inner soft and caring character. While people treated her badly and bullied her younger, deaf brother, she always stood for others without thinking if the deserve it or not. She is an example of modesty, kindness and she is also a fighter of life.


Synthia – The Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins

This one is the “official” photo that Amelia Hutchins uploaded in her page. Synthia is supposed to look like that.

And this is my version. The two of them look alike but when I was searching about a pic, I didn’t know there was already an “official” pic.

Why is Synthia my number 3?

That girl grew up without parents and she was a witness when her mom was raped to death and her dad was murdered in cold blood. She was so young at that time. She was raised by her uncle in a covenant and trained to be a witch-fae killer. Then she met Ryder, who was presenting himself as the heir of the Dark Fae, and her life changed. She watched her best friend suffering and then dying and she was supposed to be controlled by the Horde King. She NEVER allowed anyone to take control of her life. She was an absolute badass and she was the master of her fate. Stubborn as hell, she did what she had to do in order to have her revenge and she not even once allowed a man to tell her what was wrong and right for her.


Alex Andros – Covenant by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Alex looks like a badass model, so when I saw this picture I thought ‘yes, this is Alex for sure.’

Why is Alex my number 2?

Alex, a half-blood Hematoi, watched her mother getting murdered and she fought her enemies by herself till she was back at her safe school, under the protection of her uncle. She is in love with a sentinel, ready to die for her but she won’t let him. By all means, she is capable of protecting herself and she won’t allow anyone to die for her. Bravely stubborn, she knows how take responsibillity for her actions and she doesn’t mind if she is framed and blamed for things she didn’t do; she is a fighter after all. She was told that she was not just to-be sentinel but she was the next Apollyon, a god killer and a person too important to the world, and her life changed completely. She was able to fight for her rights to be equal with the pure-bloods and have more life choices and she fought for her right to be free to love whoever she wants. She is friends with the coolest god ever, Apollo and she has the respect of Hades. Well both gods are as much funny and sarcastic as she is. Brave, smart, funny and pretty, what a great combination! She is also mentally conected with the world’s other sexy Apollyon, Seth and together they make a great team. Who wouldn’t want to be in her shoes, at some point at least?


Lauren Monroe – Back to you by Priscilla Glenn

It’s been years since I read the book and I don’t remember exactly how Lauren looked like but I am pretty sure Alexandra Krosney would be great to the role.

Why is Lauren my number 1?

Lauren is the most realist character I’ve read about. She is a kindergarden teacher, loves children and her job. She is determined to live her life they way she really wants and she is focused in her dreams, no matter what they are. She knows how to trully love a person, either friendly or more. She doesn’t depend on any men at all and she doesn’t have to anyway. She is charming, cheerful and smart and children love her. She is everything I want to be in her age. She is the type of woman who deserves to live wonderfully and be loved. When Michael reappears, along with his daughter, her life finally is complete.

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Do you know any of these characters? What do you think? How about letting me know about your top 5?

4 thoughts on “[Monday’s Top 5] Favorite female characters and how they look like in my mind

  1. The only one of these characters that I know is Maggie Masters, but if the rest of them are anywhere near as awesome as they sound, I’ll soon be adding them to my list as well. Puck Connolly from the Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, and Melody from Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper are some of my favorites apart from Maggie Masters. They both have to encounter bias and misunderstanding, Melody more than Puck, and display quite a bit of courage. Melody is not part of a romance, as she is a bit young for that, but she is still somewhat overlooked (though less by readers and more by classmates). Have you heard of either of them? And more importantly which of the books you mentioned do you think I should read first?

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