[Monday’s Top 5] Worst books

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Well we all have books that we didn’t enjoy; I know I do. There are books that I thoroughly disliked and found offensive or just completely unreadable and poorly written.

It is time for me to confess these books and briefly explain why I disliked them so much. Truth is I can’t decided which one is the worst. All of them gave me headaches and made me angry.


[Forgiveness & Permission (The Ghost Bird #4)] by C. L. Stone

The first and the second book were weird but ok. The third book was a chaos and now this one.

We have 9 guys and a girl. All 9 guys want her and she obviously can’t choose one because she wants them all. It is not possible all 9 of them to want her. I mean come on, what are the chances that 99 friends have exactly the same taste?

But before that, Sang (the lead) is a girl who didn’t have a social life at all and suddenly made these guys her friends. I understand that since she was socialy inactive, she wouldn’t be able to know some stuff or how to react sometimes.
Βeing unaware of some things and being awkward among people is one thing but being completely stupid and refusing to think is another. Even socialy invalid people would tell the difference between ‘I am your friend’ and ‘I am trying to get in your pants’. It’s in human nature to understand that a kiss is not friendly even if you don’t know it for a fact.

Anyway, other than that I couldn’t stand the insecurities, the whining and the whole ‘I am so honestly naive and it’s cute’. No honey, you’re not naive. Your brain is just innactive and it needs a restart.

God, I am in such a bitchy mood today.


[Zeus (The God Chronicles #1)] by Kamery Solomon

Ah, this one!

You know Zeus, the mighty king of Gods and all. In this book the fates actually banish Zeus from Olympus, they take his powers because he divorced Hera. Please! Nobody gets to banish Zeus from his home because all the other gods owe him and because if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t exist. Zeus can cheat whenever he wants because he is freaking Zeus and nobody can stop him, not even Hera.
So I hated the fact that in this book Zeus was not Zeus but a classic creepy, rich, player with bitchy attitude. NO! God/Zeus can act that way because he is a god, but not human/Zeus.

About Karly; I hate her. She is the worst kind of female lead one can find in books. She is completely immature, she never listens to what others have to say and she is selfish. She comes to conclusions and creates unessecery drama and even though she is a college student she acts like a spoiled 15-years-old.

It was tiring reading this book. It was like written by an amateur and I had the feeling that it was based on a fanfic. Even I can write a fanfic. If that’s the case I can just publish my fics and call myself a professional author.


[Maybe This Time (Maybe #1)] by Chantal Fernando

Ι don’t understand why this book had good reviews. All I got from the book was this:

Reid: Hi!
Summer: Oh hi!
Reid: I just met you but you’re so hot so I guess I will want you.
Summer: Please, I know I’m hot but for the sake of our readers I will pretend that I don’t know it and that I’m decent looking. We really need a good story! Btw you’re hot too and I think I already want you.
Reid: No I am not hot. I have a scar and I am sure that you want my brother. But I want you even if I’m not good enough for you and I tell you that.
Summer: Oh look at that, you clearly tell me that you want me and that you’re not good enough for me, that’s why you’re acting weird. Yet, I don’t get your behavior and you’re confusing me. Why do you act like you want me but you back off??
Reid: I just told you.
Summer: That’s right! You’re such a mystery!

Xander: I’m here too, your overprotective younger brother!
Jack: Me too, your weird father.


[Breathe (Sea Breeze #1)] by Abbi Glines

SPOILER! Scroll down to the next book if you plan on reading this one.

That’s easy. We have a young famous rockstar. Nobody can understand him or see him for who he really is and he feels so alone in the world. He is tired of his fan being so clingy and easy.

Typical damaged and forcefully mature, virgin teen Sadie is not fan of Jax at all and happens to be his maid. Her mom is a pregnant slut and even though Sadie had enough of that, she buys condoms for her, instead of throwing a tantrum at her or at least try to talk some sense into her. Basically people praise her for acting like the mom of the family. Hardly!

Of course they instantly fall in love because there’s understanding between them. Sadie turns from his angel to a jealous freak and creates unnecessary drama. Jax ends up breaking up with her because she made him believe that he is not worthy enough to be with her.

Sadie is depressed over a guy she barely knew because she knows he is the one and that she won’t fall in love again. She ends up in a car accident and of course Jax comes back, confessing his eternal love to her and boom! Happy end~


[The Line Between] by Tamsyn Bester


The worst of the worst!

No plot, offensive and flawed. Sends the wrong messages to people that fallen victims of bullying and of course to those who haven’t.

Probably enjoyed by misogynists because clearly underestimates women. Implies that readheads are sluts and in general that girls are easy and brainless when it comes to hot guys.

Dane, the male lead is a crazy psycopath who bullies people for fan and Kennedy is a lying, selfish bitch with trusting issues. By far the worst lead characters I’ve ever read about.

Also, the sex scenes were too much. I am so into steamy scenes and I enjoy them but when half of the book is sex then the genre goes from new adult to erotica. If I wanted to read erotica then I would have picked a book from that genre. I was like ‘Oh look, another sex scene. Skip skip skip skip!’ I needed some plot and I was convinced that erotica books have more plot than this one.
Another reason I skipped the sex scenes was the dialogue. Phrases like ‘ahhh yeah’, ‘Mmmmmmm’, ‘Ohhhh’ are unacceptable. A good author can describe a sex scene without using useless, ridiculous, awkward phrases.

To sum up, I was angry, offended and tired. I didn’t like it at all. I do not recommend it but I suggest you read it. When you’re done, come back to me and tell me I was wrong if that’s the case.

~Full reviews can be found in my blog~

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Let me know about your own top 5 of worst books and let’s discuss about it. If by any means you feel offended by my thoughts and opinion then I’m sorry but that was not my intention. We’re free people and it’s our right to express an opinion.

Thank you~

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