[Cover revealed] A Demon’s dark embrace by Amelia Hutchins

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If you follow my blog then you’ve seen all my reviews about “The Fae Chronicles”. You also know that Ristan is in my top 5 list of favorite male characters. So, Amelia Hutchins just updated her fb account and revealed to the world the cover of her new book! Excited much? I know I am!

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‘The Elite Guard’ is going to be a spin-off about Ryder’s guards/brothers. We don’t know much yet but the fact is that the book is about Ristan’s own story. I hope we’ll get an update soon enough to discover more. A book following Ristan is freaking exciting because he is the coolest demon ever, thank you very much.

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[The Elite Guards]

[The Fae Chronicles]

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[The Fae Chronicles – My reviews]


[Amelia Hutchins]

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