[Book related] The best places and ways to read a book.

bookland special

Today I was trying to read on my way to my boyfriend because it takes about an hour to reach his house by bus. I usually listen to music but today I needed so badly to read and I thought about trying it out. It didn’t quite work they way I hoped because here in Greece, using the bus is the same thing as torturing yourself, on purpose, in the worst kind of way; it’s like a living hell. So, instead of reading, I ended up thinking of places and ways I could read a book.



What’s better and more classic than laying on your bed, among soft and comfortable pillows and reading? A huge window with amazing view would also be a plus, right?

I don’t know about you guys but I could practically live on this bed forever.



It’s so sad that there are not enough cafes for reading in Greece. If there was at least one place similar to the one in the picture below I would be there everyday. I would drink hot, flavored coffee and read books. That’s life!


Park or sea

Both places work for me, especially if they’re not crowded. If you also like to be around people and still be able to relax and read then these are the best kind of places for you. Personally observing people (definitelly NOT stalking) is also something that calms my stress so this would be a great break from reading. And what about eating a freash salad and maybe drink a juice?


Balcony or Patio

In that case the weather must be helpful. Day or night, it’s a great place to enjoy your book and if you also need a liquor, like maybe wine or something then it would be better. In my case it would be more like a hot tea cause I don’t drink and I can’t keep it classy. It’s up to your taste~


A fort

If you think this is childish, you’re absolutely wrong. This choice is actually my favorite. If I’m bored to leave home then this is what I prefer to do in order to read and loose myself. It’s THE BEST. You can have your privacy and read as much as you want. Eat, listen to music, drink something  and relax. My god, I wish I could keep my fort forever.

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 Which one is your personal favorite? I’m not lucky enough to have access in all these amazing places. My fort is enough of course but I would give everything to be able to read wherever I want, wouldn’t you? If you’re luckier than me, then don’t waste time and just read read read and read.

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