[Monday’s Top 5] Favorite male characters and how they look like in my mind

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 Well, deciding my favorite male characters was actually really hard for me. I don’t easily favor a character and to find 5 of them was like a challenge to me.

   I also had the need to show to the world how I believe they look like which is also pretty hard, right? When you read a book, you imagine the looks of a character based on what you read but I am sure that everyone has a different image in their mind.

   So here is my list of favorite characters, the reason why I love them and how they look like inside my head.


Ristan – The Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins

This is actually how the author, Amelia Hutchins, imagined Ristan and I am so so so satisfied with the picture.

Why I love Ristan?

Besides his obviously incredible looks, since the very beginning Ristan showed us signs of his good heart and his intelligence. He appeared to be loyal, loving and caring towards his friends and siblings and that’s something I truly appreciate. Sadly, he was not a main character and we didn’t have the chance to know more about his love life and how he treats his women but from what I gathered from the books, he respects women even if they betray him or wrong him. His humour is unbelievable and he knows how to use it in order to cheer up someone. He is always ready to fight for his beliefs and he doesn’t give up easily. His heart and body are both strong, precious and deserve to be loved by anyone.


Gabriel Merrick – Elemental (series) by Brigid Kemmerer.

As far as I remember Gabriel has dark hair and perfect blue eyes. In general stunning and strong looks. The pic I found closer to the one I had in my mind was this one.

Why I love Gabriel?

Among five brothers he is the most damaged one and even if he did some wrong and bad things, the support from his family helped him realize what brotherly love really is and that made him a better person. It’s really important to me, to be able to admit your mistakes and to understand how important family is. Gabriel used to be the player of the school but that wasn’t what he really wanted. After meeting his current girlfriend, he realized how superior he really was and that he deserved better than being just another jerk. He learnt how to love deeply and be a good friend. He learnt how to fight for a better life and not just give up. Who doesn’t love a guy who learns through love and trust? Who doesn’t love a guy who was ready to give his life for weaker people? Plus, his life ambition is to become a firefighter. If that’s not perfection, the what is?


Daemon Black – Lux by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I think we all know Pepe Toth, who’s featuring in every Lux cover (and a lot more book covers but that’s not our point here.) Pepe is linked to Daemon in my mind. When I was reading the book, all I could imagine as Daemon was Pepe. Am I the only one?

Why I love Daemon?

How do I even begin to explain that being? He is so close to perfection and I just don’t know. I’ll start with the fact that he is the prince of sarcasm. I love when I guy can be sarcastic but not insulting. Family means the world to him and he’d sacrifice everything to have his siblings by his side. Have you noticed by now how important family love is to me and that this is a trait in order to favor a character? So, as I was saying Deamon appears to be a jerk and a smartass but we know that he is way better than that. He knows what real love is and we all know how much his girl means to him. He went to extraordinary lengths in order to protect her and keep her safe. Yeah, I definitelly wish that my boyfriend was ready to something like that for me. (My dear doesn’t even sacrifices time from his precious CS in order to spent more with me. How lucky am I anyway? :P) Finally Daemon is a guy I would trust my life with and I would never doupt about his loyalty. Knowing that I have a guy like him by my side would put my mind at ease. Peace of mind is all I need.


Aiden St. Delphi – Covenant by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Beautiful grey eyes, dark hair and kissable lips. Yup, that’s how Aiden is supposed to look like.

Why I love Aiden?

Aiden is my ideal type. Serious and focused in his life puprose and yet ready to give everything up for his brother and people he cares about. (That would be Alexandria.) Aiden is strong and opinionated, rational and well educated. He is respectful and knows his place. We’re talking about a guy who doesn’t act like a jerk and doesn’t try to impress other with his looks even if he knows exactly that he can. How often does that happen in the real world? He can love with all his heart but he is ready to sacrifice his feelings if that’s the right thing to do for his loved one. He was even detirmined to give up Alexandria in order to save her life. Seriously don’t you appreciate that? That dude doesn’t know the word ‘selfish’.


Caleb Jacobson – Significance by Shelly Crane

I was looking for a perfect Caleb for almost two hours and it was impossible for me to find one. I know that Justin James Hughes was casted to play Caleb in the TV series but please *insert bitchface*, NOT EVEN CLOSE. Anyway, you see that guy? Imagine he has blue eyes and that he is a few years younger and maybe he could be Caleb. I am not satisfied at all with the picture but that dude is amazing and he is the closest I got to Shelly’s description.

Why I love Caleb?

Why really? Caleb is like my dream guy. Well, he is practically inside his significance’s mind and her heart beats in his chest and that helps him a lot to understand her needs and feelings better than anyone. He lives for his significance and his life purpose is to keep her as happy and safe as possible. He knows the absolute meaning of love and he is an Ace. That beats all the other guys above. So, even though Maggie is the powerful visionary and everyone seems to admire and look up to her, Caleb not even once got jealous or tried to be in the spotlight. He was loyal to her, supported her and proudly stood by her side as equal. He has a gentle heart and he admires, loves and respects his family. He is rich and yet humble and he is ready to use his money in order to help people. He is smart, strong, funny and proud in a good way. Maybe I should have said moral as well. Plus he used to be a musician. I love Caleb and I wish all men could be even just a little bit like him. I wish people could be as nice and sweet and gentle as him. The world would be a lot better that way.

So I concluded that I have a type if you come to think that my top 5 guys look so much alike. It’s not just the looks but the behavior as well. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard for me to favor more book characters.

What do you think?

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What do you think about my book boyfriends and what about yours? Do you know any of these characters?

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